Thursday, April 15!

RPA: The Secret Weapon for Reducing Logistics Costs

Using Robotic Process Automation to Get Faster, Cheaper, and Better!


Being ahead of the game means embracing Robotic Process Automation and implementing this framework within your business now!

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In Partnership with

Joe Lynch and the Logistics of Logistics

During our session, we will discuss major aspects that have impacted and revolutionized the transportation industry during the past year, new ways to handle your business with technology at the forefront, and how companies within the industry must adapt to more efficient alternatives.


Thursday, April 15 at 2:30 p.m. EST

Check out Our Webinar Topics

Newfound challenges for companies.

Synergy between businesses and technology.

Human talent and tech: a company’s best assets.

New industry solutions. Are we ready for RPA?

What are companies in the industry looking to automate?

RPA framework.

In-house vs. nearshoring

Platform integration.

RPA Competitive Traits.

How and When to implement RPA in your business.

Why Lean Tech?

Our Hosts

Cto Lean Solutions Group
the Logistic of Logistics
Featured Guest
Daniel Agamez

RPA is Transforming our Industry!

Join our session and let’s talk tech! The future of the logistics industry lies upon the synergy between our current workflows and new technologies.

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