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Tired of looking for professionals to fill your entry-level positions? Attract the best talent and secure candidates for your operations with Lean Solutions Group.We have the right staff augmentation alternatives to support your operation and drive your business to success.

At Lean Operations, maximize your investments with the perfect extension of your team: bilingual, global talent

With the combination of our proven success formula, the power, the tools and the processes, we will fulfill your expectations and help your company grow without limits, in just 3-5 weeks, we recruit top talent and establish your satellite offices in Latin America and the Philippines.

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Benefits of Working with Lean Solutions Group

The Skill

Access global talent that is eager to take on new challenges.

Specialized Training

Through our industry expertise, we provide high-level, tailored training depending on your needs.

Co-Managed Business Model

From the hiring process from branding your office space, we advise you to make the decisions.

The Tools

We are constantly investing in technology to make our processes more efficient and provide you with better services.

Are you doubting the productivity levels of your outsourced team?

Our solutions are designed to help you reach your peak capacity! That’s why, through our Quality Assurance Team, we make sure your satellite office meets your productivity levels through established KPIs. These can be reportedand tracked by accessing our web portal.

Expand your teams with the right
Logistics and Transportation positions

Data Entry

Maintains database by enteringnew and updated customer and account information.

POD Retrieval

Provide not only proof of delivery but also, data integrity, multi-point delivery, and single point of contact for data exchange.

Safety Analyst

Assisting the Safety Department in enforcing all the safety policies, programs, training, investigations, and emergency response

Assistant Dispatcher

Provides order tracking and other administrative duties. Develops and communicates movements based on customer needs and schedules,to facilitate optimal customer service.

Customer Care Assistant

Primary point of contact between your business and its customers. If customers want to place an order, find information, get advice or handle claims, they will invariably talk to a customer service assistant.

Documentation & Accounting Analyst

Independently perform the full range of accounting duties. Successful performance requires thorough knowledge and skill to exercise sound independent judgement within established guidelines.

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