Lean Tech solutions sources the top 3% of software development talent across Latin America.

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Leverage Our Expertise In Building The Perfect IT Teams

We stand out through unwavering innovation and a tech-centric approach, leveraging cutting-edge AI and Nearshoring to transform businesses by connecting them with fully trained talent that will take over their needs.

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Take as many pixel-perfect UI elements as you want and style them the way you need in a fraction of the time.

Project Managed Business

Our PMB is a complete black box solution. Simplifying your projects with our end-to-end solution. Share your requirements, and we'll manage everything: from project planning and design to seamless delivery and ongoing maintenance.

Augmented Services

Leverage our world-class team called the Tech Lab to get ad-hoc assistance for your projects, charged by the hour. Your team members can use our team to grow and get mentorships to fuel your projects.


Why do business with Lean Tech?

Through our established recruitment processes, you’ll be able to build a team of truly passionate developers from across the globe that will work with an agile mindset to boost your performance instantly.


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Time Saved

20+ hours reduced in technical interviews.

Retention Rate

Engaged and happy team members.

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During the past years, we’ve worked with incredible companies and helped them obtain instant results!

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Lean Tech Staffing Solutions in a Nutshell

Many things have happened during the past few years which have allowed us to grow exponentially. We want our customers to grow too! As your true tech staffing solutions partner, we understand your needs and provide exceptional developers who will stick around for years.

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    800+ Developers
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    100+ years of combined experienced agile experts
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    8 countries (United States, Mexico, Peru, Brazil, Guatemala, Argentina, Philippines and Colombia)

Why work at Lean Tech?

Incredible leaders
Passionate team members
Great salaries and benefits
Incredible culture
Developer source for some of the best companies in the world

What Our Clients Think About Us

“We started with a small account and quickly grew to over 30 employees. We are confident that we can achieve over a 100-employee count at Lean Solutions together. We are going to grow this partnership together and we will overcome any challenges and be able to support each other as we move forward.”


“I've been using Lean Tech to fill some staffing needs on my Customer Support team and have been very satisfied with the results. The individuals that have joined my team have been both professional and knowledgeable. They have been processing-driven and always strive for excellence. Our account manager at LT stays in regular communication to ensure consistent quality and to help steer the team in the right direction when there may be areas for improvement. All in all, this is an excellent service.”

Senior Director