We Are Focused on More

Lean Solutions Group is a company focused on creating truly valuable
experiences for professionals in LATAM and the world. As we grow as a business, we recognize our responsibility to contribute positively to society beyond profit-making. Our hearts are set on making a meaningful difference, not just to the incredible professionals that work with us but to those who need it the most.

overcoming societal challenges in a place of incredible opportunities

Our company was founded in Colombia, a country striving for social, economic, and political development, hungry for a better future and achieving its true potential. Hunger, poverty, safety issues, lack of education, and profound inequalities are just some of the issues we face today. That’s why we are going beyond! Beyond offering career opportunities, we sincerely believe in uplifting communities worldwide.

The Solution:
Creating Shared Value

By embracing a Shared Value approach, we strive to create real value for our company, customers, and the world. We’re steering our endeavors, resources, and influence toward the revitalization of society, and each day, we joyfully open doors for partnerships that lend a helping hand to those in need.
Creating social impact takes time and effort. At Lean Solutions, we are committed to changing lives by focusing on the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Objectives.

We Support United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals

Ending Poverty

This objective aims to end poverty in all its forms and dimensions. As part of our commitment to end poverty, Lean Solutions Group will develop programs and projects to foster economic growth in disadvantaged communities, promote access to decent jobs, support entrepreneurship, and promote financial inclusion.

Zero Hunger

This objective aims to guarantee food security and collaboration with food aid organizations. Lean Solutions Group will establish strategic alliances with food aid organizations, such as food banks or school feeding programs. Through these collaborations, the company can contribute resources, donations, or volunteering to support the efforts of these organizations in the fight against hunger.

Safety and Well-Being

This objective seeks to guarantee a healthy life and promote well-being for all at all ages. As part of our efforts in this regard, Lean Solutions Group may implement wellness programs for its employees, support health education and prevention initiatives, and collaborate with health organizations to improve access to health services in disadvantaged communities.

Quality Education

The objective aims to guarantee an inclusive, equitable, and quality education for all. To contribute to this goal, Lean Solutions Group could establish training and professional development programs for its employees, collaborate with educational institutions to improve the quality of education, and support initiatives that promote access to education in disadvantaged communities.

Decent Work and Economic Growth

This goal promotes sustained and inclusive economic growth and full and productive employment for all. Lean Solutions Group could contribute to this objective by creating decent and fair jobs, promoting equal opportunities, investing in its employees' training and professional development, and promoting responsible business practices.

Reduction of Inequalities

The goal seeks to reduce inequality within and between countries. To work on this goal, Lean Solutions Group could promote diversity and inclusion in its workforce, implement gender equality and pay equity policies, and collaborate with organizations that fight discrimination and social exclusion.

Climate Action

This objective seeks to adopt urgent measures to combat climate change and its effects. Lean Solutions Group has been working on reducing plastic and paper usage. A medium-term goal is to create initiatives to continue working in favor of climate, like the Lean Green project.

Life on Land

This objective seeks to sustainably manage forests, fight against desertification, stop and reverse land degradation, and stop biodiversity loss. As part of our approach, we are committed to helping street animals and working to guarantee their welfare and protection. We partner with animal shelters and rescue organizations to provide care and find them loving homes. Additionally, we raise awareness about responsible adoption and sterilization to manage the population of abandoned animals.

How Do We Do It

Through our Organizational Development Department, which is made up of two divisions: Corporate Shared Value and Organizational Culture.

Steps Leading to Change
Discover Key Social Issues
Set Clear Goals 
Partner with Nonprofits 
Engage Employees
Embrace Sustainability 
Measure & Report
Reach Out to Communities
Advocate & Raise Awareness

Our Organizational Development Department is dedicated to supporting and improving the lives of our employees and individuals facing challenging circumstances in three different ways:


Elderly adults, children, and other vulnerable demographic groups.


People looking to start or further their professional careers, as well as those with the aspiration to become bilingual.


Environmental initiatives and inequality reduction.


Thus far, we have provided educational opportunities to many professionals.

SENA Partnership

In partnership with SENA, a Statal educational entity, Lean Solutions Group sponsors 44 young people in their formative and elective stages. After they end their educational programs, we will recruit this talent for them to start their professional careers.

LYNXS Platform

This initiative offers a month-long deep English immersion and trains youth in soft skills, logistics, and transportation. Achieving 100% coverage, it operates in groups of up to 10, benefiting 551 youth since 2020, with 164 hires by Lean Solutions Group. 

Partnership with Rofé Foundation

From 2022-2023 we impacted 90 vulnerable youth via tech education, fostering transformation. Our goal: inspire post-training job applications within our company.

Focused on Social Responsibility

Understand that together, we can nurture a world of kindness, empathy, and genuine care. Through meaningful actions and heartfelt initiatives, we endeavor to sow seeds of positive change, making a big difference in the lives we touch.

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Awards & recognitions

We have been able to win numerous awards thanks to focusing on placing a strong emphasis on the professional and personal growth of our employees, here are some of them: