Managing international freight with ease

Is your business missing the right people to manage the complexities of international shipping through air and sea?
It’s not just you! The industry has been disrupted and hit with major delays that have complicated all transportation processes.

Global forwarding professionals boosting your operation

But how to overcome challenges and thrive in complex areas of business, like global forwarding? The answer is simple: finding the right people and the right tools.

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Freight forwarding services

At Lean Solutions Group, we leverage the power of our global talent to manage and create more efficient processes to ensure on-time worldwide deliveries and satisfy clients.

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    Data entry
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    Driver communication
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    Customs compliance and documentation
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    Warehousing and distribution

Our top positions

Data Entry Specialist

Track and Trace Coordinators

Pricing Specialists

Cargo Inspection Coordinators

Documentation Generation & Review Specialists

Why is LSG the right partner?

Our more than 10 years of experience within the transportation industry have allowed us to become experts in the field. We understand the ins and outs of logistics and have worked tirelessly to enhance our service offerings over the years.

Logistics Experience

Global Talent

Specialized Training

TMS Integrations

Quality Assurance

Let our years of experience and our software integrations lead the way to a more efficient supply chain. Let’s work together!