our management team

Robert Cadena
CEO and Co-Founder of Lean Solutions Group
David Bell
Co-Founder and Advisor
Scott Rohleder
Board Member
Joaquin Oliveras
Dany J. Garcia Moreno
Alfonso Quijano
Daniel Agamez
Senior VP of Operations
Mary Jane Velasquez
Human Resources Vice President
Gena Mann
VP of Marketing
Mike Foy
VP of Business Development
Luis Encinales
Senior VP of Operations at Lean Tech
Sergio Alvarez
Director of US Operations
Joshua Bailey
Director of Customer Success
Morley De Moya
Director of Operations (Northbound Region)
Valeria Rojo
Director of Operations (Central Region)
Jorge Vizcaino
Director of Global Forwarding
Valery Vega
Director of Client Relations and Concierge
Isaac Orozco
Branch Manager - Guatemala
Tatiana Charris
Branch Manager - The Philippines
Cindy Mercado
Branch Manager – Barranquilla Office
Kristell Pardo
Branch Manager - Bucaramanga Office
Rebecca Barriga
Branch Manager - Cartagena Office
Andreina Guillen
Branch Manager – Bogota Office
Carlos Solano
In-House Legal Counsel