Building your software development team with Lean Tech

We are experts in building the most efficient software development team that will set you up for success.

The Lean Tech Way

At Lean Tech, we understand the technology market well, allowing us to guide our customers toward building state-of-the-art software products with an incredible workforce that will take their projects to a whole new level.

Let us be your trusted technology partner and become an extension of your software development team with the best talent LATAM has to offer.

Top-tier expertise when you need it

Finding top development talent is hard, let us make it easy for you. Work with a set of experts that will deliver undeniable value from day one.

We focus on recruiting and placing the best bilingual software developers in your teams.
Considerable reduction in recruitment and onboarding times.
Your own private office in our facilities.
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We believe in a great culture that leads to higher commitment, engagement, and growth for our developers and, therefore, our clients.

Scalability is key

Years of experience, technology and great people bundled up into efficient and seamless processes that guarantee success every single time. That’s the Lean Tech Way.

Ready to start building your teams with highly efficient developers?