The key that unlocks high-level productivity

Lean Operations provides qualified, bilingual professionals to fill in operational gaps by taking care of mission-critical back-office tasks, increasing productivity and driving business growth.

A stable workforce:
endless possibilities

The toughest challenge in running your business is finding the right people. At Lean Operations, we take on that challenge. As experts in nearshore, offshore, and hybrid staffing services, we help you optimize your workforce with teams that mirror your operation in the U.S.

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High-quality services for an augmented operation

Optimize your costs, increase productivity, and enhance customer experiences with the essential positions we offer.

Transportation & Logistics

We take care of essential tasks, helping you run your operation seamlessly.

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Global Forwarding

Talent trained in the nuances of global forwarding and customs compliance.

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Warehouse & Distribution

Dedicated talent taking care of critical warehousing tasks efficiently.

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Industry-savvy, motivated professionals ready to streamline your operations.

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Our Employee Profile

We’ve created a robust recruiting and vetting process, which allows us to only find and place top talent for your teams!

77% bachelor's degree
Case Studies

Want to know how a major freight brokerage boosted track & trace by 10% and increased calls to truckers by 25%?