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If you’re looking for the best operations staffing services, Lean Operations provides qualified, bilingual professionals to fill in operational gaps by taking care of mission-critical back-office tasks, increasing productivity and driving business growth.

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A stable workforce:
endless possibilities

The toughest challenge in running your business is finding the right people. At Lean Operations, we take on that challenge. As experts in nearshore, offshore, and hybrid staffing services, we help you optimize your workforce with teams that mirror your operation in the U.S.

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High-quality services for an augmented operation

Optimize your costs, increase productivity, and enhance customer experiences with the essential positions we offer.

Transportation & Logistics

We take care of essential tasks, helping you run your operation seamlessly.

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Global Forwarding

Talent trained in the nuances of global forwarding and customs compliance.

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Warehouse & Distribution

Dedicated talent taking care of critical warehousing tasks efficiently.

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Industry-savvy, motivated professionals ready to streamline your operations.

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Our Employee Profile

We’ve created a robust recruiting and vetting process, which allows us to only find and place top talent for your teams!

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Case Studies

Want to know how a major freight brokerage boosted track & trace by 10% and increased calls to truckers by 25%?


What’s it like to work with Lean Operations?

ARL Network bet on the success of Lean Solutions Group back in 2015. We started with four people in Safety and Billing. We were so impressed that we made Lean employees a part of our first Logistics hiring class. Today, we have over 120 employees supporting all departments within our companies. We would not have the talent necessary to support our growth if it were not for the support of LSG.

Executive Vicepresident

“I definitely think LSG has helped us achieve our business goals. And my main goal when I started ARL Logistics, was to do something different. […] And as things morphed over the years, we were part of a heavy growth brokerage that kind of lost sight of the people. It was all about the numbers and not about the people. And when I met Ron Faherty, I told him, I'm going to do it my way this time. This is the second part of my career. I'm very involved with people. I've made a lot of great connections. […] And so, the Colombian side of it, when this was introduced to us, gave me the ability to say this is the way that I'm going to do brokerage different.”

Executive Vice-president

“The Lean team is extremely accommodating to each and every request to include last minute adjustments to schedules, processes, and other needs [...] IT team was also very responsive to each request with giving us WIFI access and setting up the KPI TV as well as working around construction restraints [...] This level of service and insight was more than I was expecting and looking forward to leveraging our relationship to best setup and utilize our systems to have the most accurate data possible."


"Overall, we're very satisfied with the quality and output of the team. The team is always eager to jump into new challenges and is constantly looking for ways to refine and improve service."

Program Manager, Vendor Operations

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