Tips for powerful social media branding

Juliana Perez
June 8, 2021

When thinking about social media branding, you must consider that the first contact a person has with your brand's Instagram account is something like gaining the attention of a “window shopper” to bring them into the storefront. The same is true for strong social media branding. Often, the audience is looking to “fall in love” and go directly to the brand they know, like, and trust.  

When you walk down the aisles of your favorite mall, your head is filled with all kinds of brands, makeup, technology, clothing, but what is it that makes you decide to enter a particular store? That's when you start to make comparisons and choose the brand, you're going to pay attention to and invest in.

To help users choose to enter your store, you must make your “window” stand out from the others from the very first moment by creating an immediate connection. Your Instagram feed works in the same way as a store window.  You want to lure the audience to engage with your brand. The content should be so engaging that when users read your bio, they won’t hesitate to follow your brand.

How to build the Instagram Account of your dreams  

The important thing is not the graphic pieces you use but what you build with them. You must find your voice and essence so that your brand reflects what you want. Your Instagram publications work the same way.

You must think about the colors. Combining them in your compositions will influence the message you want to share, the feelings and emotions you want to transmit, and the insights with which people will identify with your brand. Through storytelling, you can reinforce the brand's services and other qualities. 

It’s best to always think about what the person on the other side of the screen wants to see, since you only generate value when your content is valuable to others. Also, it helps if you think about what the user wants to know about your brand and solve their needs from the most basic aspects to the more complex in nature.

Take the risk to grow!

It's not about doing a lot of things differently, but finding at least one thing that fulfills your purpose, without forgetting to always innovate and do things differently from your competitors so you are differentiating your brand and bring more value.

The results you want to obtain will depend on the ideas and strategies you use so that your product or service catches the customer’s attention and stays in their mind. Experience, observation, and interaction are the necessary tools to analyze your audience and your brand. 

Tips on social media branding

  • Using 'remarketing' as a mantra is an excellent option! Things should not only be said, but they should also be repeated. In an interview with Harvard University Professor of Education Catherine Snow, she explains that a person must currently be exposed to a word between 15-20 times to be learned.
  • Create expectations! You must prepare the user for what you will show them and then launch the final content. "Be ready. Something new is coming..."
  • Your content must be dynamic! Static content is not missed or remembered. Break the rhythms.
  • Always aim to direct your audience to your website. That is where all the magic happens. 
  • Quality hashtags and not quantity. According to the publication made by CyberLink, it’s important to use five hashtags, tops.
  • The longer users view your Instagram posts, the more Instagram will reward you. Create reels, animations, and videos, and you will develop the engagement you are looking for.
  • Believe it or not, Instagram TV is a great tool to create brand loyalty, dare to exploit its potential.
  • Let the stories be your ally, publish a story and find out how many people are watching your content at that moment. This will help you know the perfect time to publish your posts.
  • Answering a comment is sacred. Your engagement will be higher if you answer your messages in the first 60 minutes. Always remember to take advantage of this space to create a close relationship with your customers.  

The media world is growing increasingly within digitalization and social networks. Therefore, only those brands that learn to read and adapt to this wild universe will survive. So, if your brand is worth being known for, it is time to present it to the world and make everyone fall in love with it!


Juliana Perez is a Creative Director in charge of the Lean Solutions Group brands. She is an Advertising Graphic Communicator with extensive knowledge in Branding, Advertising, and Marketing. On a personal level, she enjoys photography and illustration, which she has also incorporated into her working life. With more than five years of experience in design and communication, she has worked as a copywriter, brand strategist, and corporate identity creator.

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