What is the Importance of Social Media Video Content?

Tatiana Giraldo Gomez
April 16, 2021

Social media video content is now trending

During the past few years, social media video content has been the focal point for many teens, young adults, and even older generations that have had to adapt to new platforms to stay ahead with the younger audience. With social media's popularity increasing daily, finding ways to stand out within a saturated environment is top of mind for many businesses.  

Some of the most common ways of being successful in social media are posting consistently, creating relevant content, staying ahead of the trends, and constantly communicating with followers. But nowadays, these tactics fall short, and companies must search for innovative ways to stand out.

The evolution of social media

Social media has evolved tremendously. Now, users go to social media to do just about anything, whereas before, it was just a space to connect with people you knew and share highlights of your days. Currently, users go to social media to find entertainment, education, inspiration, e-commerce, new friends, and interact with followers.  

With the number of social media platforms growing by the year, companies can leverage even more spaces to showcase their product or service, depending on their target audience and goals.  

Here's where video marketing comes into the mix. Companies are searching for new ways to share their message while staying on top of the trends.

What is video marketing?

Video marketing is a content strategy based on creating a video format to promote any product or service in engaging ways to share through social media channels or other digital platforms. These videos are used in many ways, but nowadays, they fall into the short-form content structure.  

With video marketing, companies can leverage the power of moving images, animation, sound effects, and music to catch their audience's attention. For many, the video format is more attractive than other forms of content. With auto-play features, once you scroll through a video, it automatically plays, and here's where businesses need exceptional editing skills to grab the audience's attention in a matter of seconds.

Three Major Benefits of Video Marketing

  1. Drives traffic.  
  1. Gets more leads.  
  1. Improve conversion rates.

woman being filmed

Video format has taken over social media.  

As social media platforms continue to appear, we see a tendency on the format that's continuously being used, and that is video format. More and more users want to watch videos to get quick and digestible information instead of reading and investigating further.  

Influencers help businesses show off their products with sponsorship deals where these social media personalities show the product or mention the service in a short video, and instantly, the brand's following skyrockets, and revenue starts flowing in.

Is video content relevant for businesses?

Many companies are understanding the relevance of video content and viewing their results firsthand. That's why now, according to research made by HubSpot, 85% of businesses use video as a marketing tool, and 99% of them will continue to use them in their marketing strategies. 92% of marketers agree that it's an essential part of their strategy. And 51% of them mention that video content is the best with ROI.  

A staggering third of online activity is now spent watching videos! With that being said, video production for social media is the way to go since more than 45% of users spend more than an hour watching videos on different social media platforms.  

Considering a report from HubSpot shows that 50% of consumers what to see brand videos, which means that they're interested in the business side of things and want to get educated and then proceed to purchase or hire services.

Most common video types

Considering this number, companies must start or continue to invest in different types of short-form videos to post on social media:  

  • Demos  
  • Brand awareness videos  
  • Events  
  • Expert interviews  
  • Team member videos  
  • Educational or how-to videos  
  • Animations  
  • Customer testimonials  
  • Personalized messages  

These videos will allow companies to portray their brand personality better and create a strong bond with their audience.  


Social media's evolution has led companies to search for new and improved ways to create content and engage with a more demanding audience. And video has become one of the most engaging types of content in social media and digital platforms. That's why companies are starting to invest in video production to communicate their message effectively and obtain impressive results.


Tatiana Giraldo is a journalist and digital marketing specialist, with experience in developing digital content both on the client and agency sides. She enjoys helping companies to develop their online presence through innovative digital content creation across all online platforms and helps them to grow their business. She has worked in the UK, Spain, and Colombia with a successful track record over the last 8 years.

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