What Is Lean Solutions Group and What Do We Offer?

Kathy Monroy
March 5, 2021

Many companies have had to evolve after this hectic year due to new consumer trends and more efficient workflows that adapt to clients' ever-growing needs. Simplifying processes is a significant component of a successful relationship with clients since they are always looking for solutions that do not require many processes and can be executed promptly.  

Providing the best solutions for customers is essential and being the first company, they think of is the best-case scenario.  

This is why our services have broadened during the past year at Lean Solutions Group. We have continued to work tirelessly on creating a business solution suited to satisfy every one of our clients' needs.  

What is Lean Solutions Group?

Within that effort, we integrated our entire suite of services under one umbrella. Lean Solutions Group is a nearshore business solution that provides high-quality services in staffing, technology development, marketing, and sales for U.S.-based companies.

At Lean Solutions Group, we help you set up your satellite office in Colombia, South America, equipped with exceptional Colombian talent, truly bilingual, and specifically trained for your business. Your office spaces will have everything you need to create a great work environment for your team's extension.  

Your business representatives will have the opportunity to visit Colombia and get to know your team, and even have on-site training sessions if required.  

Our Experience

We have helped over 150 U.S.-based companies during the past eight years, placing over 2,000 talented professionals in entry-level positions, allowing our clients to enhance their workforce.  

Our years of experience have allowed us to learn the nuances of the transportation and logistics industry, which most of our clients are part of. We have become subject matter experts, allowing us to guide our clients through the right path, allowing them to save on costs and increase efficiencies.  

Our co-managed business model

Our business model is simple, reliable, and flexible. Your business will be able to scale up or down when necessary, and we're here to guide you along the way.  

Your team will have a manager that oversees your entire operation, always making sure everything is running smoothly.  

If you're not interested in a team, you can still outsource parts of your teams or specific projects that you need to boost.  

Key Benefits of Working with Lean Solutions Group

Outsourcing specific tasks or entire teams allows your client-facing team to take on more strategic roles and focus on your business's core activities. With our nearshore services, you will gain access to:  

  • Up to 50% cost savings on direct cost  
  • Minimal to No Turnover  
  • No lengthy and costly Recruitment Process  
  • Trained Bilingual Professionals who can adapt to any industry  
  • On-site Management Team overseeing your employees at all times  
  • Unlimited growth potential  
  • Ability to Scale up or down with minimal impact on your infrastructure  
  • Maintain your culture and productivity  


These are just some of the benefits you will have access to working with Lean Solutions Group.

people working at Lean Solutions Group Office

Our Service Offering

Since 2008, our core business has been staffing the right professionals for entry-level positions for job roles like track and trace, dispatch, invoicing, and documentation. But, due to our business's success and client satisfaction, we have been able to expand into new services according to our customer's needs.    

Lean Tech: a true tech partner  

Lean Tech emerged from our client's need to automate and create software or applications for their businesses. Our IT team started having more software development tasks, and each day, more clients became interested.  

We decided to create a new division that took care of all our clients' tech development needs. This new service was implemented with the same business model and providing the same perks as our staffing division.  

These are some of the positions we offer:  

  • Database Architecture Design  
  • Quality Assurance  
  • UI/UX Design  
  • Cutting edge technologies  
  • DevOps  
  • Software Administration  

Lean Marketing: the agency your product needs

Marketing has always been an essential aspect of our business strategy. Recruiting the right talent for our clients is essential and doing so through our social media platforms brought amazing results. Also, communicating aspects of our business and creating conversations have always been a big part of our social strategy.  

Our clients started to gear their interests toward marketing and understanding the importance of communicating what they do to a broader audience.  

With Lean Marketing holistic strategies, your business will have the opportunity to access high-quality, impactful assets that will make your product offering irresistible. We create content targeted to your specific business and strive to make our way through the clutter and help your product shine.  

These are some of the positions we offer:  

  • Social media management  
  • Content marketing  
  • Hourly SEO  
  • Email marketing  
  • Video  
  • Graphic design  
  • Web design  


Lean Sales: the best solution to grow your business.  

Sales has always been one of the most important aspects for growth in any business. At Lean Sales, we allow you to streamline your sales processes with our fantastic team of trained sales reps.  

We fill your pipeline with qualified leads to help you close more deals and drive revenue to your business. At Lean Sales, we take care of time-consuming tasks for your team to focus on closing deals.  

These are some of the positions we offer:  

  • Dedicated Support Teams  
  • Sales Consulting
  • Lead Generation
  • Dedicated Sales Management  

We have understood the importance of simplifying processes to generate efficiency and productivity during our years within the business. Creating a business solution that integrated all our services has allowed us to become a one-stop-shop, where our clients can gain access to anything they need.  

Our dedicated professionals are eager to work with you! Join us, and let's start growing together.  


Check out www.leangroup.com to know more about our services.


Kathy Monroy is an experienced Communications Specialist and Journalist. Driven to go above and beyond, Kathy produces high-quality content specializing in transportation and logistics, marketing, sales, and technology. Her goals include becoming an expert and an authority in her line of work, always providing her audience with the most relevant and useful information.

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