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A true tech partner

Through our nearshore model, we collaborate with your company by taking care of your software projects and connecting you with fully trained talent that will take over your tech needs, whether related to custom software, AI, and much more. From design and implementation to planning and execution, we will guide you along the way.

Lean Tech Services

Dedicated Services

Our Dedicated Teams represent an extension of your engineering office in Latin America. We provide the best industry knowledge to fuel development projects and establish your dream team.


Our Managed Teams guide you through the recruitment process to help you build the best software squad using one of our existing team structure templates. Avoid the hassle of building the team yourself, and let us manage it for you.

Other Services


Our PMB is a complete black box solution. Give us your requirements or vision, and we will take care of the rest, including project management, design, engineering delivery, maintenance, and more.


We provide expertise in all software development areas without committing to a full-time employee. Combined with our dedicated teams, we can provide ultimate flexibility and growth through Lean Tech.

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Why do business with Lean Tech?

Through our established recruitment processes, you’ll be able to build a team of truly passionate developers from across the globe that will work with an agile mindset to boost your performance instantly.

hire team in

20 days

to find suitable candidates

Time saved

20 + Hours

hours reduced in technical interviews

retention rate


engaged and happy team members

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Lean Tech in a nutshell

Many things have happened during the past few years whichhave allowed us to grow exponentially. We want our customers to grow too! Asyour true tech partner, we understand your needs and provide exceptional developers that will stick around for years.




Years of combined experience agile experts


Countries (Mexico, Peru, Brazil, Guatemala y Colombia)

Why work at Lean Tech?

Incredible leaders Passionate team members

Great salaries and benefits

Developer source for some of the best companies in the world

Incredible culture

World class customers

“Deciding to work with Lean Tech was not easy, since, at the time, I had to leave everything and change many things in my life and with my family to pursue this dream. The dream of being able to do what I love. Everyone has their reality, and, in my case, working here has changed my life completely.”

Camilo Acevedo
Back End Developer

“While working at Lean Tech, I have been able to grow and improve as a developer daily. I've had the opportunity to be in touch with exciting projects and leading technologies, which is valuable to me. I feel happy working surrounded by a family that encourages and challenges me.”

Mateo Herrera
Front End Developer

“Working at Lean Tech has been an excellent experience for my professional career. I’ve had the opportunity to learn and interact with many technologies I was looking for since a couple of years ago, which has allowed me to launch my career to the next level.”

Eladio Godoy
FullStack Software Developer
Our stats 

The Lean Tech Numbers

These are just some of the numbers that represent the incredible accomplishments we have obtained during the past few years.




years of combined experience Agile experts


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