What are Track and Trace Coordinators?

Kathy Monroy
May 6, 2021

Track and trace coordinators are responsible for tracking, communicating, and reporting the status of every shipment they are assigned to. Coordinators must record their check calls in the system and follow up with every one of them strategically. These professionals must communicate any freight issues and follow up until the issue is resolved and the  freight is delivered.  

The beauty of a track and trace coordinator is the flexibility the position entails since the role is adjusted to the carrier's specific needs. Some carriers and brokers may require their employees to take care of tracking and tracing specifically, but others may require them to take on more strategic roles.  

Track and Trace Coordinators or Logistics Coordinators must interact with many teams within their company and their client's company. These teams may include operations, customer services, carrier sales, and direct sales, meaning that coordinators must communicate effectively with these teams and create a streamlined workflow that benefits the overall process.  

What are the essential tasks track and trace coordinators take care of?  

Track and trace coordinators take care of essential tasks within your organization. These tasks allow companies to know exactly where their freight is and if there will be any delay. Within the transportation industry, tracking packages and providing status is a pivotal part of the entire shipper, carrier, and customer relationship and the customer experience.  

But track and trace coordinators do much more than just track. Here are ten critical tasks track and trace coordinators are responsible for:  

  1. Track and trace freight movements from origin to destination.  
  1. Ensure there's effective communication.  
  1. Clarify load requirements with carriers, confirming drivers have proper information (pick-up and delivery requirements)  
  1. Manage and coordinate multiple shipments across various modes of transportation, and whether it be trucks, vessels, trains, or aircraft, coordinators can know precisely where the freight is and its ETA.  
  1. Create solid and long-lasting relationships with carriers based on trust, accountability, and reliability.  
  1. Maintain and update the information provided by carriers to internal and external clients.  
  1. Keeping up to date with the best tracking methods.  
  1. Maximizing productivity by giving helpful feedback on load board priorities and other efficiencies.  
  1. Handle client issues according to the client's operating procedures or escalate them if needed.  
  1. Provide backup support to any other department or team member if required.  


A track and trace coordinator is a job position that adds value to any organization within the logistics industry. They provide valuable information about the freight that improves the relationship with the customer. Apart from tracking, coordinators can provide helpful feedback that can improve the overall process by exploring new efficiencies for each of their clients.


At Lean Staffing, we provide high-quality services, including track and trace or logistics coordinators that allow your business to thrive by keeping them informed about their freight and finding ways to meet clients' needs and end customers.  

Our staffers undergo a tailored training program specific to logistics and transportation that allows them to have complete understanding of the industry and provide knowledgeable services for our clients.  


Kathy Monroy is an experienced Communications Specialist and Journalist. Driven to go above and beyond, Kathy produces high-quality content specializing in transportation and logistics, marketing, sales, and technology. Her goals include becoming an expert and an authority in her line of work, always providing her audience with the most relevant and useful information.

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