‍Tips on Building an Efficient Hiring Team

Cristina Linero
March 30, 2021

Building a hiring team for a pioneer company from Colombia that provides nearshoring services to U.S.-based companies, has been definitely the challenge of a lifetime. I’ve been asked this question multiple times over the past couple of years; how do you provide top talent for over 150 clients in the U.S.? It all started by understanding and interiorizing the importance of our recruitment process in Lean Solutions Group.

Once you understand  the complexity of the process, there are two other fundamental aspects that drive our team toward success, technology and local talent.  

Although you might find yourself hiring new recruiters in order to support the operation and requests from clients, it’s crucial to contemplate your team's most reliable strengths and create a very organized and tailor-made training program.

Tips to Build the Best Hiring Team

Here are some of the tips that have worked for our company:

1. Align your team’s skills to your organizational needs.

This might also include your team’s strengths and weaknesses. I like to assign tasks and requisitions based on their most remarkable skills and how we can boost them according to the profile and position required. Use their specific skills to add value to your process.  

2. Tailor-made training.

Some recruiters may already have extraordinary experience, and others may not. Regardless of their experience, your company must assure a complete training program, not only for the recruiting process but also for the specific positions they will be searching for. It’s not only important their talent but how they can work with it. A specific training will help your recruiters understand profoundly the required profile.

3. Promote and motivate your team.

How do you keep the fire in your recruiting team? Recruitment teams are made up of different roles. For fast growing companies, you should start building a recruiting scheme such as having junior recruiters, senior recruiters, recruitment coordinators and Talent acquisition managers. This structure will allow your team to focus on specific responsibilities and have a career path within the company.

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4. Rely on your team.

All recruiters are an asset to your company. They’ll need to understand their importance within the organization and have a sense of urgency when recruiting candidates. Although you may have some leaders, each member of your team should be accountable for their own process.

5. Use of technology.

A right recruiting cloud-based platform is a must! Ours is customized and powered by our Tech company Lean Tech. We built this platform based on our process and it took  over 6 months to complete. You’ll want to make sure your team feels comfortable working with it, and that it’s easy to use instead of it becoming a headache.

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So much has changed over the years within the recruitment process and the tools that are needed in order to succeed. The pandemic had an obvious impact on how recruiters work and also what they look for in a candidate.

Building a high-performing team is a significant piece of your company's process, since it’s how your company will acquire top-notch talent, but there are many other elements that make up a strong recruitment strategy. Knowing your team’s needs and potential completely will uplift your local talent, and therefore enhance your team’s and company’s overall performance.


Cristina Linero is the HR Supervisor of Lean Solutions Group and has been for the past 4 years. She's an amazing team leader who strives to find and leverage her team's best qualities. During her time at Lean Solutions Group, she's gained amazing experience in creating the best recruitment team during changing times and finding the right talent for all her company's clients. She studied International Business and has a double master's in HR Management and International Trade.

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