Our Nearshore Outsourcing Services

We provide a simple solution for finding the right talent.

What is Nearshoring?

Nearshoring is the practice of transferring business operations to a country close-by in geographical proximity.

Why does it work?

It allows you to reduce overall operating costs and increase profit margins
Maintain high-quality results through your trusted team
Nearshoring gives you a high level of control over your production costs
Unlike other outsourcing solutions, Nearshoring keeps you and your team in the same time zone
Office visits are easy with locations only a short plane ride away
You gain access to skilled and highly educated workforce
Working with Lean Solutions Group means working with the pioneer in nearshoring

Once you decide to get started,
the process is simple:

Meet the Team

No need to travel yet, you can virtually meet with your co-managed team to set the communication cadence and expectations.

Hire Your Talent

While we take care of the hiring process, the decision is still yours.
We bring you only the best candidates and you meet with them through video calls to decide who is a perfect fit.

Create Your Space

Depending on your exact needs and specifications, we brand your international facility with your company’s look and feel.

Visit Colombia

Making a trip to see your nearshore operation is key to your success as well as that of your team.
While a trip to Colombia is unforgettable, the opportunity to pour knowledge into your team face to face can improve your company’s overall performance.

Get Started

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