The Lean Tech Culture: A Warrior Community

Jorge Rodriguez
January 12, 2023

The concept of a community may be as old as the concept of humanity. Gathering together to share knowledge, values, and interests has been a common practice throughout history.  

However, before, the bond between community members used to be defined by geographic location, governments, and sometimes even heritage, which ultimately defeated the purpose of unity.  

Being part of a community creates a sense of belonging that can transcend personal interests toward collective wellness. It also inspires people to collaborate and achieve common goals.

The Lean Tech History

In 2019, Lean Tech was created. Initially, Lean Tech was the IT department of Lean Solutions Group, a workforce augmentation service provider. As they provided incredible support, clients started asking for more IT focused roles, and that’s when 5 dreamers took on the challenge of creating a division solely for technology services.  

But it didn't stop there. For Lean Tech, success wasn't just an economic matter, it was about improving the lives of each collaborator, changing their perspective, expanding their knowledge, and ultimately, helping them do the same in their environment.

The Spartan Mindset

The Lean Tech community has a Spartan mindset, representing our ability to specialize, collaborate, and fight relentlessly for common goals.

This mindset kept Lean Tech resilient and robust even through tough times. This passion and unstoppable force of growth and innovation spread through the entire team and set a standard for how collaborators thought and felt about being part of Lean Tech.

Now, we didn't just belong to a group of people; we were part of something bigger than ourselves. From there, the “AU AU AU” spartan sound of battle started filling the offices to make sure everyone knew who was there and what we were capable of with our computers as the most potent weapon.

The Warrior Community

But what do you call this passion? How to name something you can only feel in your heart every time you go to work? The only thing we knew for sure was that we weren't employees, and this wasn't just the place where we worked.  

Our desire to collaborate and always do what is best for the team made us who we are today. A group of people united to make a positive impact everywhere we go. That's who we are: a strong community where every member is an essential warrior.

Warriors Beyond Companies, Borders & Beliefs

For Lean Tech, the goal is building a community that transcends. Sharing values such as a sense of purpose, teamwork, proactivity, trust, respect, and innovation make everyone a warrior. Members of this community are defined by the ability to use their skills to improve their surroundings, not by where they work, where they live, or what they believe.

As Lean Tech has grown, we have been able to give more back to the community. Our initiatives are stronger, and our list of contributors has increased by dozens. Projects like the Leadership Program have made a big impact, providing the necessary tools, resources and knowledge to create the leaders and managers of the future.  

For obvious reasons, formal education has also made it to the top of our priorities. Working constantly together and sharing knowledge, we have brought to life powerful initiatives like training and development, which allow our experts to share their knowledge and help our collaborators to improve in multiple areas, including English, soft skills, technical skills and new technologies.  

Additionally, our Lean Tech University project has helped create a path for our collaborators to grow, learn and specialize in the fields of their interest, preparing them for the challenges they may face.

From now on, every time you choose to be proactive, every time you collaborate with others, innovate, and feel that sense of purpose in your heart to do something great, know that you have a warrior spirit and your commitment will pave the way for a better future.

Want to be part of the Warrior Community?

The best part of this is that Lean Tech is only getting started and that the community is always looking for strong warriors to join our mission, and you can become one of them. Apply now and reach your full potential.

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