Lean Tech: Changing lives through technology

Christian Arango
December 28, 2022

Lean Tech is a division of Lean Solutions Group that helps U.S.-based companies create highly proficient teams equipped with cutting-edge technology that fulfill our clients' technology-related needs. We encourage inclusion, participation, and teamwork. Due to our deep understanding of the industry, we provide innovation and market leadership in tech and IT staff augmentation services.

A Social and Technological-Driven Community

A strong community is the result of shared values and ideas that are so pure in nature that many people begin to identify with them. The Warrior Community was built on the premise that it is possible to change lives through technology and to encourage those who love to innovate.

Lean Tech’s Conception

This division was created based on the idea of meeting the needs of the tech market and offering top-tier services. Our objective has always been adapting to the changing markets and its dynamics through technology and innovation.  

Lean Tech emerged thanks to the shared dream of our Co-Founder Alfonso Quijano, his close colleagues and friends, and also as a response to the excellent services it was providing to its previous technological partners as the IT department of LSG. At this moment, the team understood the scope, and the perfect formula was conceived to provide the highest quality solutions.

To this end, Lean Tech recognized the power their community could have in their social environment. The discourse was not about groups of like-minded individuals or ‘families.’ It became more the conception of organizations with well-established banners.

Now, Lean Tech is an empowered community dedicated to the greater good that believes in the value of collaborative efforts with highly motivated, inspired individuals committed to innovation, service, and positive social impact.

Fostering a Sense of Belonging and Purpose

At Lean Tech, we encourage our collaborators to feel identified as Warriors, capable of creating, building, and achieving incredible projects. Also, everyone deserves to achieve their best selves and contribute to challenging, highly technical, and rewarding projects while growing personally and professionally and sharing knowledge and experiences with international teams in global projects. Furthermore, sharing with others and acknowledging cultural differences can further our social awareness and understanding of our world.  

In short, the Warriors Community allows their collaborators to challenge their previous experiences and knowledge to overcome possible barriers and become their best selves. This community helps professionals acquire a sense of belonging, purpose, and a transcultural mindset.

Social Impact

One of Lean Tech’s pillars is social impact. Our philosophy encompasses the idea that there is no technological progress by sending social awareness to oblivion.

As a part of our social responsibility campaigns, we’ve developed a Social Impact Department in charge of projects with institutions such as animal shelters, childhood, youth, and elderly protection centers, as well as social and ecological-related organizations.

We count on the help of our Warriors as volunteers for these campaigns, offering them the opportunity to make a more significant impact in their communities. Of course, by doing this, we help our communities with their issues and invite them to be part of the Warriors Community. Moreover, we have created our Warriors Network through social media and different campaigns.

The Warriors Network is an arrangement of communication strategies between companies, entrepreneurs, and many other communities that facilitate connecting and interacting with talented professionals worldwide while encouraging and rewarding active participation. On top of that, we’re working on ‘The Warrior Network’ app, designed to connect talent and services worldwide.

Lean Tech is more than a division providing remote tech services: it was once a dream, then a journey, and now a reality, a reality built by every Warrior. It is also a story that was once written and will continue to be written, a company with solid pillars and great opportunities for its collaborators and partners.

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Christian is a professional translator, terminologist, and proofreader; he is also a singer and composer. Passionate about the phenomenology of human communication, music, and food. A creative, proactive, and innovative professional with extensive experience in linguistics project management in areas such as technology, biotechnology, medicine, social sciences, and business processes. Enthusiast of video games and cinematography.

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