Outsourced Recruitment in First Person

Mariaclara Ramirez
January 4, 2022

Global Talent Shortage

According to a survey made by Q3 ManpowerGroup, 69% of companies reported Skilled Labor Shortage in 2021 worldwide; however, this is not new. The U.S. has been utilizing outsourced recruitment outside the country for years, but not as many companies are familiar with the concept of nearshoring, which means outsourcing in countries with similar time zones and work cultures.

Nearshoring with Lean Solutions Group

Lean Solutions Group is a nearshore service provider that staffs qualified professionals for various industries and fields of knowledge. Their professions range from logistics experts, marketing professionals, sales representatives, developers, customer support specialists, and many more. I was hired through one of LSG’s brands: Lean Marketing, who specializes in staffing marketing professionals such as copywriters, content creators, graphic designers, and others.

The hiring process at Lean Marketing

The hiring process was straightforward, since one of the major benefits of working with Lean Marketing and LSG (Lean Solutions Group) in general is that you’ll be able to have your new employees up and running in a couple of weeks.  

Stages of the hiring process

There were eight main stages of the process where Lean Marketing thoroughly reviews the candidate, their profile, their expertise, talent, and if they fit the requirements of the clients.  

  1. Application
  1. Initial interview
  1. Aptitude tests
  1. Interview with psychologist
  1. Interview with Human Resources
  1. First interview with client
  1. Medical exams
  1. Selection call

In Colombia, medical exams are required by law with the objective to determine the capabilities of the future employee to perform their tasks without endangering their life or that of others. LSG and Lean Marketing adhere strictly to these government regulations therefore, all candidates get their exams done before the selection call.  

Outsourced Recruitment: First-Person Point of View

After a thorough yet efficient hiring process, I began to work for our U.S.-based client. My job is to translate articles for a leading data and content company that provides news about the logistics industry. I translate between two to three articles a day written by a journalist in English. Each piece has an average of 4 pages, or 21,000 characters.  

As a professional working for a U.S.-based company, I have nothing but good comments about outsourced recruitment. Since day one, the company I work for has trusted my knowledge and expertise. The client recognized the need to delegate work, but most importantly, they picked the best option, working with Lean Marketing.  

The Outsourced Recruitment Experience

Adapting the first few days is interesting; I had to read a lot to understand what each article was talking about and what the countless acronyms they mention referred to, but that is precisely where the magic of journalism lies: ask, investigate, read, read, read, and read again until the context makes complete sense.  

It has been an exercise of trust because, in a creative process, you do not always take the same amount of time, which implies, in my case, that I have a start time when receiving the articles but not an established time to finish. The client understood that generating content for Spanish speakers by someone bilingual was necessary and that they could trust me to do a great job.  

But, above all, it has been a very satisfying learning experience where I know that I can grow professionally and personally. At the end of the day, the goal is to translate and start producing content in Spanish, which implies exploiting my experience in journalism.  

Today I can say that I start my day motivated and end it the same way, allowing me to think that working for a foreign company through Lean Marketing's management has an outcome with remarkable results for all the parties involved. My experience has been incredibly enriching, and it has helped me grow and enhance my skill set.  


Maria Clara is a translator with an emphasis on the freight market. She has journalism, humanities, and digital marketing background. Maria Clara is passionate about content creation, photography, traveling, cultures, and learning fun facts.

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