Logistics Group International enhances their processes through staffing solutions [An Interview]

Kathy Monroy
February 17, 2022

An Interview with Brandon Bay about staffing solutions

Creating a partnership where you can leverage staffing solutions, culture, lower prices, and drive business growth sounds unreachable. Well, let us tell you, it’s not.  

Get to know how Lean Solutions Group has helped Logistics Group International, a premier third-party logistics provider with over 30 years of combined experience in the industry, boost their growth through staffing professionals to take over track and trace positions, technology implementations, and marketing services.  

Here’s a conversation between Trey Griggs, Lean Brand Ambassador and Lean Solutions client, Brandon Bay, Logistics Group International (LGI).  

  1. Trey Griggs: We have a lot of customers that are using the McLeod platform, we do a lot of work on integrations and technology with that as well, and it’s nice to be able to support customers like yourself kind of on both fronts, knowing the software, knowing how you use it but also just knowing your business and being able to help out.

Brandon Bay, LGI: You guys help us on our operations daily, whether it’s track and trace, we have a Help Desk on the Lean Tech side that we’re currently implementing and they’re helping us with a lot of McLeod stuff too. So, overall, it’s just a great partnership to have, both McLeod and Lean.

  1. Trey Griggs: You’ve been in business for a while, but now you’re really trying to scale it and ramp it up, how is Lean been instrumental in helping you do that?

Brandon Bay, LGl: I appreciate you asking that, we’ve been in business for nineteen years, we call ourselves “the nineteen-year-old startup” and we started off small with Lean. We started off with track and trace and we’ve grown that to three people thus far.

On top of that, we saw the value in Lean, and we went to their Marketing side, they do our social media posts, and they also help with our blog. We’re in the process of rebranding and redoing our website, which Lean Marketing is doing.

And then, on the Tech side, we have a member that helps with our Help Desk, that’s helping us work through McLeod, helping with the EDI implementation specialist, which has been a great experience. I think the only thing we’re lacking is the one, one more, I think the Lean Sales.

  1. Trey Griggs: That’s right, you guys are close. I think we’re going to have to create some kind of crystal trophy or something for those who use all of our products, and you guys are super close to that. But it’s an honor honestly just to help out and be a part of your journey, seeing you guys grow and just knowing that our team is helping you accomplish that.

Brandon Bay, LGI : Well, one thing too is that as big as Lean Solutions is that you can always pick up the phone, send an email, any customer service thing that you need, Lean Solutions is always there, whether it’s you, your team, Gena, or anybody else, you guys have been a great partner and we’re so excited to continue to grow with you guys, as you guys grow and LGI grow, and we’re just very honored.

Watch the full interview here!

We are so glad we had the chance to speak with Brandon Bay from LGI and talk about how their company is leveraging our services and obtaining incredible results.  

At Lean Solutions Group, providing real value for our clients and building a solid relationship with them is what moves us daily.  


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