Business Solutions to Lower Your Costs and Increase Your Productivity

Don’t let the fear of outsourcing keep you from the right team.

Why Lean Solutions Group?

Our model has been proven.  We provide you with the business solutions you need to maintain efficiency, culture, and ultimately, grow your business.
The offices we set up are an extension of your office, not a separate one.

Even from miles away in Colombia, we’re always ready to take on your biggest hurdles!

Our Industries

Business Solutions Tailored for the Industries We Serve

Tasks such as load tracking, tech solutions, back office support, finance and accounting, marketing, and sales are commonly outsourced in these industries.
That’s where we come in to keep you and your team focused on the next big thing.

Logistics & Transportation

Finance & Payment Processing


Insurance Services





...Among other industries

Any questions? we are happy to assist you!

This Is What We Can Do for Your Business

Qualified bilingual employees

Quality is one of our core company values, which is why we search for the best human resource for your business.
Our amazing team consists of young professionals with English proficiency. They are eager to learn about your business and help you reach your growth goals.  

Access to business growth

Growth at times may seem unattainable due to lack of resources but, with Lean Staffing Solutions, your company can scale with an extension of your team in a satellite office in Colombia.
Hiring the best Colombian professionals to handle your back-office tasks and help you focus on what you do best.

We take care of all HR Processes

Our co-managed business model allows us to take care of the actual hiring process.
However, you have the opportunity to interview and select your future employee(s).  

Maintain your culture 

We are an extension of your team!
This means, we work with you to maintain excellent communication as well as help you bring your culture and company values to your new team members.

Low employee turnover

Colombians have great attributes, one of them is their high-quality work. They are responsible, respectful, and take their jobs very seriously. 
Most of our team is looking to create a career with your company, they want to learn and excel in their line of work.  

Reduce Overall Costs

Leveraging our staffing expertise, we have access to recently graduated professionals that are eager to jump start their career at a company that offers them stability.
Nearshoring services can save on direct cost up to 50%, with a flat fee model and no long-term contract.