Lean Solutions Group ends the year with 4 new Comparably Awards 2022

Kathy Monroy
December 22, 2022

As the new Comparably awards list was shared, we are glad to announce Lean Solutions Group has won 4 new awards! In 2022, we received 8 recognitions which motivates us to continue working hard to create an excellent environment for our employees, a space where they feel happy, motivated, and safe.  

These awards are based on sentiment ratings provided by employees who rated their companies over 12 months. Companies are placed in two categories, large (over 500 employees) and medium-sized (500 or less than employees).  

Lean Solutions Group Q4 Comparably Awards

In this new reveal, Lean Solutions won:

  • Best Company for Diversity

Ranking 14 out of 100 companies of similar size.

  • Best Company Culture

Ranking 68 out of 100 companies of similar size.

  • Best CEO

Ranking 53 out of 100 companies of similar size.

  • Best Company for Women

These recognitions show our commitment to our employees. Since the beginning, we’ve focused on ensuring our employees have everything they need to thrive. From robust training, outstanding leadership, and listening to their needs to professional development within the company.  

Ensuring employees are happy will help our service levels increase, as motivated employees provide high-quality services which allow our clients to feel completely satisfied.  


Let us augment your workforce with motivated professionals!  

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