Lean Solutions Group Wins 2 Comparably Awards 2022

Kathy Monroy
December 5, 2022

Since day one, our primary objective has been providing valuable professional opportunities to incredible talent in Colombia. But now, we’ve expanded and crossed borders to help talent across Latin America and the world achieve high-quality professional development.  

In our quest to ensure value-adding experiences, we’ve focused on providing a comfortable and safe environment for our employees. We’re more than happy to see how our hard work has paid off with these incredible recognitions.  

What are Comparably Awards?

Comparably Awards were created to recognize companies across a variety of categories. These awards are exceptional since each company’s employees survey responses make the ratings, which ensures the sentiment comes from those who matter most: the employees.

The LSG Comparably Awards

Lean Solutions Group obtained two Comparably awards this quarter!

Best Company Happiness

This recognition involved various factors contributing to employee happiness like a positive environment, fair play, great benefits, excitement to work with the team, clear company goals, pride, and others.

Best Company Work-Life Balance

The work-life balance award demonstrates the employees’ satisfaction with the average hours they work per day, their lunch breaks, or if they feel burned out.  

We are more than excited to have received these awards since they show that our employees are happy and satisfied with the company's benefits. These awards motivate us to continue providing a great work environment for our employees and always searching for ways to improve their work conditions.


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