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Case Study: How ITG Transportation enhanced their Sales Performance

Kathy Monroy

January 28, 2021

Providing high-quality nearshore services that improve our client's overall performance targeting their pain points is our primary objective. During the past few years, one of our top clients has been ITG Transportation, a licensed freight broker based in Chicago, Illinois. In 2013, ITG started off requiring back-office positions that would take care of mainly shared email inbox, track and trace of ocean containers, and contacting depots to identify available containers. 

When Lean Solutions Group expanded its offerings, they looked toward utilizing our services in other business branches, such as sales. Lean Sales has provided ITG with Colombian BDR´s that follow up with leads on the phone to give a rate quote or schedule a meeting with an ITG sales rep based in the U.S. This partnership has helped ITG with cost savings and increased outreach. 

Download the complete case study below, and learn more about how Lean Solutions Group helped ITG Transportation with their sales performance, lowering costs, saving time, and improving customer outreach.

Download Case Study
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