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Welcome to the Lean Tech Experience

At Lean Tech we specialize in providing highly productive and efficient Software Development Solutions through our nearshoring business model for US-based companies.  

As your true technological partner, we are focused on providing innovative software alternatives and tools that will help any company automate their tasks and become their most productive

You will enjoy ease of communication with our highly organized and efficient leaders, who will collaborate with you and your developers every step of the way.  

Where are we located?

Our headquarters are located in Medellin, Colombia, a technology powerhouse with a culture similar to that of the US. Being an extension of your team empowers ours and gives them a sense of belonging which leads to higher level performance.

Quality Software Development Services

How do we guarantee that your team fulfills your high-quality standards?

Cultural fiT

We ensure that developers can easily interact with cross-culture teams.

Technical test

Rigorous testing guarantees that only the best talent joins your team.

Tech interview

We will move heaven and earth to ensure that developers understand your technical requirements. 

English test

One of our filters demands that developers communicate with you in English fluently. 

Our “secret sauce”

We leverage our parent company's expertise in training personnel to equip your team with the tools they need to excel and provide you with a competitive edge.  

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