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Welcome to the Lean Tech Experience

At Lean Tech, we constantly seek the best global talent, ensuring they’re the perfect fit so our customers can reduce their onboarding times. We maintain a bench pool of the most wanted roles and technologies in the market and have put in place best practices to build the most efficient teams for our customers.

Avoid cumbersome screening

Maintain team's motivation

More alignment with your needs

Sync with us in the implementation and let us build a team that fits your cultural and technical skills.

Where are we located?

We started this journey in Medellín, Colombia, where our headquarters are located, and throughout the years, we have landed in several countries in LATAM.

Quality Software Development Services

How do we guarantee that your team fulfills your high-quality standards?

Cultural fiT

We ensure that developers can easily interact with cross-culture teams.

Technical test

Rigorous testing guarantees that only the best talent joins your team.

Tech interview

We will move heaven and earth to ensure that developers understand your technical requirements. 

English test

One of our filters demands that developers communicate with you in English fluently. 

Our “secret sauce”

Our ability to reach top developers in Latin America

Well-renowned name across LATAM

Thorough screening process

Our hands-on approach toward retaining your employees and increasing productivity

An incredible culture that keeps our membersaligned with our vision

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