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Many companies are coming face to face with the challenges of our current global economy. Times have changed and so have opportunities to outsource entry level positions with nearshoring experts at half the price.

Outsourcing your back-office has become the best way to expand your company while still maintaining profitability.  Grow your company with Lean Operations and let us handle your important non-client-facing tasks that take up time but that are essential for your company to flow seamlessly.  


What is back-office?

Back-office normally refers to tasks that support the work of the front office, which are employees that are tasked with activities that are client facing.

Because tasks in the back-office do not require the employee to interact directly with the client, these tasks can be handled through an extension of your team, a satellite office.

Nearshoring Back Office Services

Outsourcing your back-office tasks with Lean Operations, means creating a better workflow and boosting your company’s productivity!

Your Office In Barranquilla, Colombia

Benefits of nearshoring your back-office with Lean OPERATIONS

Similar time zones

Cultural similarities

2 or 3-hour flight away

Talented bilingual professionals

Lower overall operational costs

Operations Analyst

Accomplishes business objectives by identifying and solving customer information and processing problems. He/She will be a key member of the operations team supporting, data management, client reporting, and trade processes.

Customer Service Agent

Provide accurate and efficient product or service information to resolve any emerging problems that our customer accounts might face.

Administrative Assistant

Performs normal office functions such as, setting up and maintaining files, interviewing callers, and receiving, referring, or answering incoming mail. Gather, compile, and report relevant information to supervisor’s.

Debt Collectors

Responsible for handling inbound and outbound calls. Reach out to customers in effort to secure funds, and retrieve overdue payments, loans, or bills.

Tech Support

Under general supervision, in a 24/7 inbound call center environment. Technical Support Agents will provide technical and network problem resolution to end-users (customers). Perform question diagnosis, while guiding users through a step-by-step solution process.