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Sales Team Hiring

Sales teams are imperative for a company’s growth. Sales reps take care of generating qualified leads that convert into customers, increasing your client base and boosting your revenue.

At Lean Sales, we specialize in recruiting and training the best sales reps suited for your company, specifically trained to sell your product or service.

Let us know how many top sales reps you plan to hire in the next 12 months, and then WE RECRUIT the best talent through a proprietary recruitment process designed to identify the traits of successful sales killers once selected.

Through our certified & proven sales strategies, WE TRAIN these recruits with your company’s products and processes in mind. We train your sales team for you, and once these recruits are prepared to excel, we then place the graduates into your business.

Finally, to ensure success and to minimize attrition, WE COACH these sales killers through on-going coaching & training for the first 12 months to guarantee their success in your organization.

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