Reduce operational costs and increase overall productivity!

What does your business need to succeed?

Is it nearshoring? Offshoring?
We give you Globalshoring! With our vast range of domestic and international workforce options, we ensure high-quality services, available talent, and enhanced business processes that suit any of your business needs!


Your experience with us is entirely customizable. Depending on your specific needs, we provide nearshoring, offshoring, or hybrid business models.

Our nearshoring services offer client-facing positions in LATAM where time zone and culture are similar to the U.S., ensuring efficient communication and no work shift difference issues.

With our offshore model, you’ll access quality service levels for non-client-facing positions and around-the-clock support.

We provide a hybrid model which perfectly combines our nearshoring and offshoring services to ensure all your needs are met.

Leverage our Globalshoring business model and reduce operational costs.

Why does it work?

We provide a skilled and stable talent pool
We meet your training requirements
Shared time zones
24/7 support
Save up to 50% in labor costs
Overall efficiency
Co-managed model
We offer no long-term contracts

Manage Your Team

With Lean Solutions Group, Globalshoring doesn’t mean a lack of control. Your nearshore team is in your time zone, making communication seamless and straightforward. Your offshore team is managed by your nearshore team, avoiding disruptions in the communication process.

Whether you set up video calls or take a short plane ride to visit your team, you get to create the communication cadence. From the hiring process to the design of your space, you still make the final decisions.

Your employees are an extension of your office, not just a function performed in another country.

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