Your Satellite Office

Outsource entry level positions up to 50% cost savings

What Is a Satellite Office?

A satellite office is a branch that is physically separated from a company’s main office.

Why does it work?

Provides you with a skilled and stable talent pool
We adapt to match your training requirements
Nearshoring allows your office to be close in proximity to the U.S.
You will find highly educated and bilingual staff in Colombia
A shared time zone makes communication easier
Save up to 50% in labor costs
Increase your productivity
Keep control of your team and results
We offer no long-term contracts

Manage Your Team

With Lean Solutions Group outsourcing doesn’t mean a lack of control.
Your team is in your time zone, making communication seamless and simple.
Whether you set up video calls or take a short plane ride to visit your team, you get to create the communication cadence. From the hiring process, to the design of your space, you still make the final decisions.

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