Why is Latin America the epicenter of tech talent?

Laura Marulanda Muñoz
September 8, 2022

There's no better moment for tech talent in Latin America than now. Throughout the past few years, the IT industry has grown at a fast pace on this side of the world, resulting in a competitive and desired environment for worldwide clients, including some of the biggest tech companies.  

It is not a coincidence that today, most professionals that are part of tech companies are from countries like Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Argentina, among others. Wondering why? There is a symbiotic relationship between both sides: established and innovative companies and the talent of Latin American professionals. These industry giants have significant infrastructure and tools but require remarkable and unique abilities to offer optimal services and produce results for clients. That’s where our top talented developers come in.

So, we have companies with incredible infrastructure enhanced by tremendous talent generating high-quality products. What are some other reasons LATAM is becoming a tech hub? Let's take a deeper dive into the topic

Multiple educational programs

The sociopolitical context significantly impacts how communities prosper. That is why Latin America has focused on creating stable and exciting environments for its people during the past few years. These include developing and investing in educational programs and infrastructure to ensure training for future IT talent, including initiatives for startups like Platzi or Ruta N in Medellín, Colombia

According to Technavio, the expectation of growth for the IT market in this continent from 2020 to 2025 is 33.68 billion USD, which represents a substantial increase in the need for tech professionals, vendors, and companies and significant revenue generation that confirms the evident potential and opportunities in the industry in Latin America.  

What does this mean? Governments in Latin America noticed that cities like Medellín, Bogota, Monterrey, Guadalajara, Buenos Aires, and São Paulo, among others, were becoming AI hubs, startups nests, and outsourcing fonts and promising epicenters for creativity, productivity, and innovation.  

Competitive salaries and projects for tech talent

A culturally diverse team of IT professionals that generate strong connections with their coworkers creates a successful combination of talent, which leads to outstanding results.  Additionally, having knowledge on specific tech fields such as, Data Science, Quality Assurance or even programming languages like Python, JavaScript, among others, Eureka! You have the perfect equation to access a competitive salary.  

According to The StarupVC, international IT companies easily recognize highly skilled professionals, and they don’t doubt offering many benefits. Some of them include tax exemptions and USD payments. For instance, the average salary for a tech graduate today in a country like Brazil, can be around USD 5,600 per month and USD 6,066 in Argentina.

So, if you’re looking for a sign to start researching or learning about Fintech, software development, QA, Data Science, or even Project Management, here it is!  

Hybrid work dynamics

Remote and hybrid workplaces became the center of attention due to the COVID19 pandemic. This transformed the workflow dynamics. One of the biggest takeaways from the entire situation was the importance of distributing time between personal life and job responsibilities. With this in mind, people had the chance to focus on passions and hobbies, and it even gave them time to strengthen their abilities and become more competitive professionals.    

In addition to this, there are many other benefits that remote technology services provide software development companies. Remember that phrase at the beginning about the symbiotic relationship between employers and collaborators? This work dynamic allows both sides to enjoy great benefits.

Did you know that many tech companies allow their employees to work 100% remotely? If you’ve thought of working in your PJs, then yes, that is now a possibility. Or taking a break from a long day and going for a walk with your dogs? Put that on the list too! We can go on and on with different scenarios that are only possible thanks to our new normality.  

By educating young talent and providing them with tools to succeed within the industry, ensuring competitive salaries, and promoting flexible work environments, Latin American countries are becoming epicenters for tech talents. A global workforce of talented developers that generate incredible results fast is the boost many tech companies are looking for. Through nearshore and offshore dynamics, companies are now able to easily access top talent worldwide.  

We certainly believe in the power of empowered global teams to increase the businesses' results through the nearshoring and offshoring dynamic .


Laura is a Social Communicator and Journalist with broad experience in social media strategies, besides previous expertise with content creation and management, including chronicles, historical reports, and articles for multiple industries such as tech, communications, health, and retail. Passionate about traveling, trekking, telling stories, and researching literature, music, and cinema history. Aspires to be a high-quality editor and novel writer.

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