Trekker Logistics Thrives with Lean Solutions Group Partnership and Drives Success

Mariaclara Ramirez
January 8, 2024

It's not a secret that today´s world of logistics is changing, and finding the right partner can make all the difference. Trekker Logistics, a prominent player in the industry, has found success through its partnership with Lean Solutions Group. We sat down with Dominic Swanfeld, Director of Operations at Trekker, to gain insight into their four-year collaboration and its positive impact on their operations.

A Four-Year Journey of Growth

Trekker Logistics, a diversified, multiple-service logistics and transportation provider that has been rolling for over 40 years of service, was looking for a refreshed image and commitment to satisfying their customers, including partnering with us four years ago, beginning with track and trace services.  

As time passed, their trust in our capabilities expanded, resulting in the delegation of more responsibilities to our dedicated team. This included the introduction of night operations and the broadening of services within their brokerage side.

The brokerage operations stand as the cornerstone of Trekker's business, and the collaboration with their Bogotá team has been seamless to handle track and trace, account management, and other vital aspects of brokerage operations, while the company has been experiencing a notable evolution.

According to Swanfeld, the extended operational hours have been a game-changer for Trekker, enabling them to cover traditionally challenging time slots. The cost-effectiveness of the services provided has proven to be a substantial benefit, demonstrating that quality doesn't always come at a premium, efficiency that significantly enhances operations.

The foundation of any successful partnership lies in the people behind it!

“Our staff in Colombia is wonderful. One thing I have found is that our staff here is always polite, always professional, and willing to go above and beyond. It's not uncommon for them to call me to Dominic Is there anything else you need before I leave?”, as Swanfeld highlighted, this level of dedication is a testament to our ability to source and place top-tier talent.

Elevated Customer Satisfaction

By addressing staffing needs, Trekker can now communicate more frequently with their clients, leading to higher customer satisfaction. This has also resulted in improved track and trace numbers, showcasing the positive impact on Trekker's operations.

"I would recommend your services. I have friends within the transportation business and talk to them about Lean's services. I'm a big fan of this company, and I will continue to support you guys", Dominic Swanfeld affirmed.

Trekker Logistics' collaboration with Lean Solutions Group exemplifies how the right partnership can make a significant difference in the logistics industry. Together, we've achieved success through efficiency, professionalism, and a mutual dedication to excellence. This partnership is a testament to the effectiveness of collaboration in the logistics world, showing that when the right teams unite, they can achieve extraordinary results.

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