Top 6 must-have characteristics of your staffing partner

Kathy Monroy
August 2, 2022

Is your Human Resources team struggling to find qualified talent? You are not alone. According to ManpowerGroup research, 69% of employers struggle to fill positions, up from just 14% in 2010. There are five new entries to the hardest-to-fill roles: IT, engineering, accounting and finance, construction, and customer support professionals.  

To close the skill gap, companies must search for strategic alliances that will allow them to obtain high-quality results fast and avoid straining their financial resources.  

Here’s where Lean Solutions Group can help! A company that specializes in workforce augmentation, allowing you to scale seamlessly through its established recruitment process and available pool of highly skilled professionals from across the globe.  

Top 6 characteristics of a staffing partner

        1. Understanding of the labor market

First and foremost, a staffing partner must understand the labor market, how it has shifted throughout the past few years, and how to manage it. As mentioned by Becky Frankiewicz, President of ManpowerGroup North America, “skilled workers are now in control, and companies need to understand people’s priorities to compete...what workers want varies by age, gender, and geography...Now is the time for employers to differentiate themselves and think differently about what they offer...”

With this in mind, at Lean Solutions Group, we have created job proposals that involve additional benefits and portray a value-adding experience to attract the required talent. Flexibility, mental well-being, healthy work-life balance, gym memberships, employee recognition, and competitive pay are just some of the perks we offer our employees.  

        2. Established recruitment and onboarding process

An established and proven recruitment process is a must. Without it, you’ll have to undergo months of not finding the right professionals for your business. Through years of experience, a true staffing partner will allow you to reduce recruitment and onboarding times so your team of skilled professionals is set up and ready to work in just a couple of weeks.  

At LSG, we have enhanced our recruitment and onboarding processes, creating a comprehensive yet efficient process that ensures your candidates are the perfect match to meet your business objectives.

        3. Highly skilled professionals

Having available talent is something most companies are struggling with, especially in the U.S., where, due to the pandemic, people are rethinking their entire careers and looking for opportunities that add value and are higher paying. Therefore, they overlook jobs that are repetitive and unattractive.  

Lean Solutions Group has access to a vast talent pool in Latin America and globally. Colombia, Guatemala, and the Philippines are countries with an extended workforce filled with highly talented and bilingual professionals eager to take on the challenge of these core tasks and create incredible efficiencies for business within various industries.

        4. Tech first approach

As technology makes its way into all industries and businesses, your staffing partner must have a tech-oriented approach to integrate with your systems and provide more efficient services seamlessly.  

Being at the forefront of innovation is an essential part of our business. We are always searching for ways to make processes more efficient. Our tools integrate with our client's software, allowing communication to flow from one end to the other without interruptions.  

Additionally, we partnered with Symtrain, an immersive training program that ensures complete employee proficiency in record time—allowing your employees to be trained through real job experience and receive instant feedback on their performance.  

        5. Diversified business solutions

Finding the right partner means they take care of all your business needs. Companies are looking for talent to cover many operational tasks within various areas of their businesses. Therefore, ensuring your staffing partner provides a wide range of solutions will help you avoid looking for different companies to fill in the gaps.  

Considering the need for a diversified business solution, at LSG, we provide talented professionals for logistics positions, software developers, marketing specialists, graphic designers, recruiters, BDRs, customer support professionals, and many more.

        6. Continuous improvement programs

Partnering with companies who are always searching for ways to enhance their services is essential. Even though they may provide excellent services, they should always be open to feedback and create plans to ensure those areas of improvement are addressed.  

Quality is one of the building blocks of Lean Solutions Group’s service offering. Since the beginning, we have worked hard to provide high-quality solutions for our clients. Therefore, we have created a quality assurance team that ensures all feedback is adequately addressed, KPIs are met, and the work environment is optimal for employees to perform at higher levels.  


Considering the talent shortage, we are still experiencing, finding a staffing partner that understands your talent needs is essential.  

Lean Solutions Group is the right staffing partner. We understand the labor market, its challenges, and know exactly what to do to overcome them. With our years of staffing experience, we can provide proven processes that ensure your team of highly skilled professionals is up and running in no time. Through our entire suite of services, we have become the solutions your business needs to stay ahead of the talent shortage curve and get back on track.  


Kathy Monroy is an experienced Communications Specialist and Journalist. Driven to go above and beyond, Kathy produces high-quality content specializing in transportation and logistics, marketing, sales, and technology. Her goals include becoming an expert and an authority in her line of work, always providing her audience with the most relevant and useful information.

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