Top 4 Positions for Sales Outsourcing

Trey Griggs
December 8, 2020

Success within the Sales Outsourcing process relies on finding unique ways of delivering big results. The first step in making any change or doing something differently in your organization is understanding the “why” behind that change. It doesn’t make sense to switch it up if you don’t know why you’re doing it.  As Simon Sinek so eloquently puts it in his book Start with Why, “Everything starts with why”.

However, once you have clearly defined the motive behind making a change, the next question you have to answer is “How?”.  How will I make this change?  What is the right strategy and who will be able to help navigate this change?

Change management is one of the most critical elements for any organization in making the proper pivots to grow.  The challenge is maintaining or improving the company’s culture amidst the changes while moving everyone towards a more successful model.  Poor change management often causes more harm than good, and many organizations that come up with great ideas struggle to see those ideas come to fruition.  

With that in mind, let me answer the first two questions and help you understand what positions within your company’s sales operations make sense to outsource.

1. The Why. Why does it make sense to outsource sales operations?  

Before technological advancements, companies didn’t have a lot of options when it came to their staffing needs.  Most had to build teams within the company to fulfill all the required elements of their workforce.  For example, a company would need to hire every component of a marketing team in-house based on its marketing needs.  Then, with advances in technology, agency-based marketing firms blossomed to supplement an organization’s marketing needs.  This shift gave the organization a lower overhead cost while receiving the same or better deliverables by outsourcing those staffing positions to a marketing expert.  The same is now true for nearly every other department within a company.

2. The How.  How do you leverage the incredible talent in Colombia to provide the highest levels of quality and service to your customers and your organization?

First, it’s critical to find a partner who knows what they’re doing.  Since you’ve been doing your research on Lean Sales, a division of Lean Staffing Solutions, you know that our business model is helping U.S.-based companies open a satellite office in one of four amazing cities in Colombia, South America: Cartagena, Barranquilla, Bogota & Medellin.  For the past eight years, we have successfully assisted nearly 150 companies in recruiting, hiring, training & developing talent in those cities, including eight publicly traded companies.  Many of the largest 3PLs and transportation technology companies trust us to help them grow in a strategic and cost-effective manner.  

Second, it’s important to identify which positions within your sales operations are the best candidates for outsourcing.  We’ve identified the following four positions within every organization that makes the most sense to outsource:

• Lead Generation Specialist

Although a great marketing strategy will bring awareness to your brand and your products & services, there’s nothing like an army of sales professionals who will do the grunt work of weeding through potential buyers to identify sales qualified leads.  Making 150 calls each day, sending personal emails, and connecting with prospects on social media is so critical to your outbound sales strategy.  

However, this position can be cost-prohibitive in your neck of the woods, as finding highly motivated and supremely professional talent with excellent communication skills at an affordable price is extremely difficult.   This is not the case in Colombia, as the talent pool is filled with bilingual, highly educated, and motivated professional sales professionals at an extremely affordable price.  

• Data Researcher

It doesn’t make sense to hire Lead Generation Specialists without providing them with an organized list of contacts.  But this happens more often than one might imagine.  Although you may have a long list of untouched leads in your Customer Relations Management system or CRM, you may need to supplement that list with a fresh data set.  We’ve partnered with ZoomInfo to provide Lean Sales customers with a special discount on a Zoom Subscription, but access to leads without someone to organize and create leads lists for your team is often futile.  Hiring a Data Researcher to create and distribute leads lists to your team is worth its weight in gold, as this will create a constant source of targeted leads to fill the top of your funnel.  

• CRM Administrator

Every sales team uses a CRM (or should, at least.  If you’re not, we can help you find and set-up a CRM for your team).  However, many organizations struggle to set it up correctly to maximize its functionality, and keeping their data clean is often a nightmare.  This is primarily due to not hiring a CRM Administrator.  

What does a CRM Administrator do?  For one, they are a super-user of your CRM, knowing all the ins and outs of the system, which means they can make needed changes, create dashboards & reports, and many other tasks in a fraction of the time it would take a novice to figure it out.  It’s like hiring a plumber to fix a leak in your bathroom versus figuring it out yourself.  Sure, you could probably figure it out, but how much time will it take you and what level of quality will the work be done?  

Second, a CRM Administrator will be able to evaluate and follow up with your sales team to ensure they are updating records and using the system as designed.  These types of tasks take hours to monitor and notify, hours most sales leaders don’t have as they work with their team to close deals.  

• Recruiter

For most organizations, recruiting great talent is truly a sales function, finding qualified candidates and selling them on why they should join your team.  Recruiting is a specialized form of lead generation in that it’s finding great talent to grow your team rather than finding great customers.  Both are critical to becoming a successful organization, especially when your company needs to hire a lot of employees for certain in-house positions, like truck drivers or freight brokers.


Trey Griggs is a sales executive that, during his nine years in the transportation industry, has gained experience in several sectors within technology, including load boards, rate analytics, TMS systems, visibility solutions, digital freight-matching platforms, and Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Trey enjoys coaching teams to be great, as well as speaking on sales & marketing strategies, leadership & organizational structure, and technology. When he’s not building world-class organizations, you can find Trey spending time with his family, traveling, renovating his home, playing golf, working out, reading & playing music.

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