The Nearshoring Experience 

Juliana Perez Diaz Granados
July 28, 2023

Running a business can be expensive, especially when you’re thinking about scaling fast. Here’s where nearshoring becomes a tentative option.  

Nearshoring refers to assigning business functions to an external company in a location with similar time zones and cultures, increasing productivity while still lowering costs. It’s a common business practice used for back-office functions, IT services, customer support, marketing, sales, and other services.  

At Lean Solutions Group, we have over ten years of experience in nearshoring and have created robust processes to ensure you obtain the required talent. And that’s precisely what Tyler Crowe, Senior Account Executive at Lean Solutions Group, talked about during his conversation with Daniel Pickett, Chief Data and Technology Officer at Freightwaves, during Freightwaves’ Future of Supply Chain Event. They discussed the challenges with this business model, the importance of diversity, cross-cultural cooperation, and the beauty of global teamwork.

Interested in the complete Fireside Chat? Watch the interview below!

Main Talking Points

Why Nearshoring?

  • With nearshoring, companies can access skilled, highly educated, bilingual professionals at a lower cost.  
  • Great communication thanks to similar time zones and culture.
  • Strong working relationships.
  • Increased productivity.  
  • Continuous learning environment.

How to Make Outsourcing More Effective?

  • It’s crucial to find a business partner who knows what they’re doing and truly cares about your company.  

At Lean Solutions Group, we have helped over 500 companies recruit, hire, train, and develop talent in our various global locations. Some of the biggest 3PLs and providers of transportation-related technology trust our team to help them grow strategically and cost-effectively.

  • It’s important to make your satellite team feel like they’re part of the organization.  

“The key to success is making sure that every single individual, no matter what level in the process they are, how tenured they are, they feel like they’re treated the same. They feel like they’re given the same tools in order to be successful in the organization” - Tyler Crowe, Senior Account Executive at Lean Solutions Group.  

  • Understand and accept cultural differences

We must understand they come from a slightly different culture, and it’s best that your internal team, as well as the managers are engaged with the process and open to learning about new cultures and work dynamics.  

  • Identify the positions your company should outsource

This will depend on your company’s industry, needs, capacity, budget, and goals.  

These are some of the positions you should consider outsourcing per industry.


  • Dispatcher
  • Customer care specialist
  • Final Mile Dispatch
  • Track and trace experts
  • Logistics coordinators
  • Inventory analyst
  • Warehouse manager
  • Claim handling
  • Supply Chain Manager

Technology and Software Development

  • Jr. Developer  
  • Senior Developer  
  • Tier 1 Support  
  • Tier 2 Support  
  • SCRUM Master  
  • UI/UX  

Business Process Outsourcing

  • Account strategist
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Document Collector
  • Case Assembler
  • Recruiter


  • Marketing Coordinator
  • SEO Specialist
  • Copywriter
  • Social Media Strategist
  • Graphic Designer
  • Creative Content Producer

Human Resources

  • Talent Acquisitions Specialist
  • Financial Analyst
  • Auditor
  • Staff Accountant
  • Controller
  • Data Entry

What Does the Hiring Process Look Like?

During the past ten years, we have been able to create a seamless hiring process to ensure your candidates start working as soon as possible.  

How does it work?

  1. Understand your needs and required positions.  
  1. Recruit and vet candidates.  
  1. Candidates undergo aptitude and skill tests.
  1. Our HR team conducts interviews to select the best candidates.
  1. Your team interviews them.  
  1. Your team selects the best candidate.

We are grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in this event and speak with Daniel, an experienced leader with great knowledge in the finance and logistics areas about our nearshore service offering and how it can help businesses looking to seamlessly scale with top global talent.  


Juliana is a professional Social Communicator and Journalist. Since she was little, she always dreamed of being a writer. Juliana has over four years of experience in the logistics sector. She has created a strong passion for sea, air, and land freight transportation. As a hobby, she works on her cooking skills and is known for her cooking abilities.

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