The LSG Professional Solutions Expansion Plan

Kathy Monroy
June 14, 2022

At LSG, we are always looking for the perfect strategies to enhance our overall professional solutions offering. Since before the pandemic hit back in 2020, we understood the need for talent availability. Accessing qualified bilingual professionals to take care of essential tasks was and still is one of the only ways companies can stay ahead.  

Due to the large demand for skilled professionals, and as our customer base continued to grow, we started to think about the need for more talent and the chance to provide valuable career opportunities for individuals not just in Colombia but in Latin America and across the globe.  

Enter our international expansion plan, which began in 2021 and became a reality in the first months of 2022. We opened our sixth and seventh offices in Guatemala City and Manila, Philippines. Like our other five offices in Colombia, these additional cities were strategically selected to provide the best professional solutions for our clients.  

“Our strategic growth plan is directly tied to providing our clients the services they need when they need them, which includes 24-hour support in customer service and critical business functions […] While there remains a severe worker shortage in the United States, particularly STEM talent, we’re rapidly expanding our workforce with highly-skilled, English proficient talent at all levels, including business analysts and IT developers. Our clients can’t afford to lose time – we spin up teams and begin executing right away.” - Robert Cadena, CEO, and co-founder of Lean Solutions Group.

Delivering Professional Solutions from Guatemala

In the search for cities that were a perfect fit for our business model, Guatemala City was one of the best options since it’s a city that has excellent potential, incredible talent, and a fantastic culture.  

  • Available talent
  • Highest levels of potential productivity in Central America
  • One of the most robust economies in Central America
  • GDP of $76.2 bn
  • Ease of operations, similar processes as in Colombia
  • Ranked number 99 in the 2021 Doing Business ranking  
  • Five maritime ports exporting to over 140 countries worldwide  

Lean’s Professional Solutions in the Philippines

Considering the shift towards a more globalized workforce and the need for around-the-clock services, we set our eyes on the Philippines. A country that houses outsourced teams for big names such as Google, Facebook, HP, and many more.

  • Available talent
  • Professionals to fill in graveyard shifts  
  • 24/7 services
  • Workforce of 49 million
  • Ranked number 95 in the 2021 Doing Business ranking
  • GDP of 373.00 bn

Do you want to know more about our offices in the Philippines?

Read Press Release Here

At Lean Solutions Group, we are constantly looking for new strategies and initiatives to continue providing exceptional services for our clients. With the current labor shortage, accessing highly skilled talent is the only way to stay competitive.  

Are you struggling to find the right talent for your business? Leave the labor shortage hurdles behind and trust our 10 years of staffing expertise to drive your business to its highest potential.  


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