The Best Way to Outsource your Sales Team

Kathy Monroy
November 19, 2020

Successful sales teams  

Being successful is always the main priority for any company leader. But now, more than ever, this has turned into a challenging goal to achieve. Finding the right alternatives to be more efficient, reduce costs, and maintain high-quality products or services is essential to put the focus back on success.    

All industries have their challenges. One of the most common is lack of time. There are many tasks to be completed, and not enough time to do them. This leads teams to fall behind on deadlines and create unwanted frustrations that, in the end, impact their overall performance.  

The right alternative  

For many companies, the right alternative to tackling their lack of time has become outsourcing. Delegating essential tasks allows companies to grow, reduce costs, and infuse new talent into the mix.    

The sales industry has shifted and evolved into more intrinsic processes that include buyer behavior, more in-depth information on your prospects, social media influence, and genuine, warm conversations between the company and its leads.    

Handling these new processes takes time and effort. Thus, a broader workforce becomes vital to create a modern, efficient sales process.    

Outsource sales teams

Even though outsourcing takes care of the time issue, finding the right partner that provides quality services should be top of mind.    

There are specific tasks that take up a lot of time within sales, but they are crucial for the entire process to flow seamlessly.    

Deciding what tasks to outsource, how much of your team should be outsourced, and the transparency within the entire process are three key aspects to think about before starting your outsourcing journey.    

What should you take into account to outsource your sales team?  

Here's where understanding your company's sales needs become the first step before deciding to outsource.    

Understanding what tasks should be outsourced is vital. Here are some tips to get you thinking in the right direction.    

  1. Track the amount of time it takes to complete each type of task (i.e. prospecting, networking, calls, emails, social media posts/engagement, text messaging, creating proposals, creating agreements, updating CRM records, etc.).  
  1. Make a list of all tasks that are currently not performed well or there is not enough time to complete them effectively.  
  1. Confirm which of these unfinished tasks are critical to the success of the sales team.  

Having a clear picture of what your company needs and should outsource will make the process simpler. Companies can outsource their entire cycle, but the most common tasks are phone calls, appointment setting, email campaigns, lead generation/qualification and updating records.    

How much of your sales process do you need to outsource?  

A crucial decision needs to be considered: will you outsource your entire team or just a portion? This depends on your sales objectives and budget.    

Although your budget may not reflect the need to add resources to your sales ops, the alternative can stall your growth plans. Companies who try to exceed their current team's capacities by training them in sales to optimize their resources will often find these sales professionals burnt out. Instead, let them focus on what they do best: closing deals. And let your outsourced team provide the leads to do so.  

Many business models can be adopted depending on what your business is searching for. Maybe you need a single SDR/BDR, but in many cases, you will need a full-on sales team to help you generate more qualified leads, fill your pipeline and close more deals.    

Deciding to work with an entire team may be stressful. This is why finding a company that you can trust and provide high-quality services is crucial. They will be tasked with essential parts of the sales process that will lead you to reach your sales objectives.    

Even though the question of quality arises when thinking about outsourcing your sales team, with the right partner, you will have access to trained professionals specialized in sales who can provide high-quality services based upon your needs.    

Transparency within the process  

Having a clear understanding of your outsourced team's tasks is the first step to a transparent process. Setting specific standards and goals aligned with the company objectives and communicating them effectively to your team follow to create an uninterrupted workflow.    

Having the opportunity to communicate freely and openly with the team will benefit the relationship and improve your company's performance.    

Considering these three significant aspects before and during your outsourcing journey will help you take full advantage of this business model's benefits. Select the tasks you need to outsource, how much of your team you need to outsource, set defined goals, then clearly communicate your plans to the team. By following these steps, you can create an efficient workflow.    

We understand that deciding on outsourcing may be difficult. Let us make it simple. At Lean Sales, we provide top-of-the-line sales services tailor-made to the needs of your business. We leverage our parent company, Lean Staffing Solutions', and its expertise, to access the best, most competent bilingual employees to take on your sales goals!


Kathy Monroy is an experienced Communications Specialist and Journalist. Driven to go above and beyond, Kathy produces high-quality content specializing in transportation and logistics, marketing, sales, and technology. Her goals include becoming an expert and an authority in her line of work, always providing her audience with the most relevant and useful information.

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