Riverstone Logistics' Collaborative Growth

Mariaclara Ramirez
December 7, 2023

Celebrating a two-year journey of impressive growth and innovation in December 2023, Riverstone Logistics has seen a transformative phase since initiating their strategic partnership with Lean Solutions Group. From a starting point with a handful of dispatch agents, the company has surged forward, building a strong team of nearly 90 professionals, ranging from account managers to frontline agents.

Burton Oxford, VP of Field Support at Riverstone, shares his positive reflections on the journey: “the experience honestly has been seamless, very simple, and has been very interactive in every step of the way. It's been a collaborative effort.", words that bring to light the essential role of the partnership in propelling Riverstone forward, marking it as a vital catalyst in the company's ongoing evolution and growth.

Understanding Needs, Driving Excellence

The success of any collaboration hinges on a profound understanding of the unique operational needs of the company, ensuring the delivery of solutions that not only meet but exceed expectations. This partnership has transcended the typical client-vendor relationship, fostering a foundation of trust and shared growth. For an expanding company like Riverstone, this support plays a significant role in the ongoing process of solidifying their operations, contributing to their sustained leadership in the industry.

The fruits of collaboration are tangible. Andrew Workmon, VP of IT, emphasizes, “We've seen a 25-point increase in our customer satisfaction scores in the past six months since having our current representative; it's been fantastic” It's a testament to how well-aligned strategies and people can lead to remarkable results.

For Riverstone, scalability is a cornerstone that is being provided lately by an invaluable ability to swiftly respond to market demands and scale workforce capabilities. This level of agility has proven to be a game-changer in the dynamic logistics industry, securing Riverstone’s position as a leader and innovator.

Growth and Innovation on the Horizon

Looking forward, Riverstone is set for further expansion and innovation, with an eye toward diversifying its offerings and reaching new markets. Building on the foundation established in the help desk and development sectors, Riverstone envisions a comprehensive growth strategy that transcends traditional boundaries. The evident enthusiasm and preparedness for progress within the collaborative teams emphasize the key role of the partnership in shaping a dynamic and forward-thinking approach to business.  

Throughout this journey, strategic collaboration, an unwavering commitment to excellence, and a shared vision for success have shaped the path. With Lean Solutions Group serving as a trusted partner, companies can be well-prepared to confront future challenges and embrace new opportunities, moving ahead with confidence and resilience.

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