Overcoming Warehouse and Distribution challenges with LSG

Kathy Monroy
September 15, 2022

Among the most complex challenges the logistics industry faces is the ability to find and retain talent for warehouse and distribution centers. As labor shortages continue to affect the entire industry, companies are faced with even more delays and frustrated end users. In fact, 73% of warehouse operators can’t find enough labor, according to an InstaWork survey.

Companies are searching for alternatives to ensure more efficient processes to get back on track and avoid staying in a continuously disrupted supply chain. At Lean Solutions Group, we specialize in augmenting your workforce and boosting productivity, allowing you to provide better and faster services.

Our Warehouse and Distribution Department

As we continue to dive further into the transportation and logistics industry, we have found the need to provide specific positions in more complex areas of transportation, such as warehouse and distribution. Therefore, we created a new subdivision within our Global Forwarding division that’s specialized in logistics automation for distribution and warehousing.  

What can our professionals take care of?

  • Processing documentation
  • Label processing
  • Inventory registration
  • Cargo release
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Billing
  • Daily order reviews
  • Orden auditing

Positions we offer

  • Distribution coordinator
  • Warehouse specialist
  • Warehouse management
  • AP warehousing
  • CDM (Cargo Distribution Management)
  • W&D customer service
  • Packaging
  • Warehouse inventory clerk

Finding a suitable alternative to boost productivity is critical in an industry plagued with disruptions and delays. With trained professionals who understand the logistics industry and are eager to work with your company, you’ll be able to provide the quality services your customers have come to expect.

Is your Warehouse and Distribution team needing a boost? Connect with us!


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