Lean VIP area: creating value-adding work experiences

Kathy Monroy
November 29, 2022

The turmoil of the past years generated a volatile workforce. Now, power is constantly sliding back and forth between employer and employee. But, at the end of the day, we all know that having a motivated workforce is critical for your company’s overall performance. Therefore, power will likely always be tilted toward the employee.  

With this in mind, companies must work hard to create retention strategies that ensure their employee base is not affected by sudden waves of resignations.  

High-value work experiences

At Lean Solutions Group, we focus on providing high-value work opportunities for talent worldwide. Hence, we consider all elements of the employee experience, which entail professional and personal well-being.  

Therefore, creating a fun and modern space for our employees to feel motivated and boost creativity made sense.  

“At LSG, we focus our efforts on creating truly valuable professional experiences for talent across the globe. Building spaces like Lean VIP allows our team to feel that much more excited and motivated to work with us and provide top-level services for our clients.” - Robert Cadena, CEO and Co-Founder of Lean Solutions Group.

The Lean VIP area

And along came Lean VIP! An area created to enhance your satellite team’s experience, allowing them to express themselves freely, work in a comfortable and fun environment, and get the opportunity to relax and recharge.  

We started with our VIP area at our Barranquilla, Colombia office. As we continue to expand, in the long term, we plan to open up spaces like this in each of our offices across Colombia, Guatemala, and the Philippines. Our clients can also enjoy this space, as they will be able to join in on the fun activities or book rooms for team meetings.  

What can you find at Lean VIP?

There are many spaces to discover at our Lean VIP area, here are just a few:

  • Co working areas
  • Pool halls  
  • Sliding modules
  • Screens all around the space
  • Food Market
  • Entrepreneur market
  • Eating areas

Lean VIP is a one-of-a-kind space that’ll allow your team to feel motivated and appreciated. Creating these spaces will ensure your team members feel proud and have access to everything they need for their overall well-being.

The Lean VIP benefits for our clients

  • A unique area to work with your team
  • Private areas to gather with your team and work together
  • Spaces to have fun and create stronger bonds with your employees
  • Pool arcade
  • Vending machines

The Lean VIP benefits for employees

  • A space to relax and recharge
  • Co working areas  
  • Market place to sell and buy items  
  • An area to enjoy with family and friends
  • Pool arcade
  • Vending machines


Want to enjoy areas like Lean VIP with your satellite team?

Join us and let us augment your workforce with the best talent, processes, and tools!  

Talk to us!  


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