Lean Tech: Certified as A Great Place to Work in 2023

Mariaclara Ramirez
September 29, 2023

As a technology-oriented branch of Lean Solutions Group, Lean Tech creates a positive work environment and provides career-boosting opportunities for professionals in the technology and software development industries. They're so committed to their employees' well-being' that's why they've been certified in 2023 as a Great Place to Work, with 91% of their team members agreeing that Lean Tech is an excellent environment to establish a career.

What does our certification mean?

As a certified Great Place to Work, Lean Tech met the criteria for being an excellent workplace. When people join Lean Tech's team, they can expect a supportive and inclusive environment where their ideas are valued, and their growth is encouraged.  

It means it´s a company always looking for continuous improvement!

The Appealing Aspects of Working at Lean Tech

  • Growth opportunities: Always on the lookout for top talent, and this certification helps attract and retain the best professionals in the industry.
  • A lean approach to work: Believing in the power of experimentation, customer feedback, and partnership, allowing them to launch products that their customers want and need, doing it quickly and cost-effectively.
  • A supportive community: More than just colleagues, it's a community of tech lovers passionate about changing lives through technology.  
  • A team that embraces change: As a technology-oriented company, they understand the importance of staying agile and adapting to new challenges, the team is not afraid to try new things and learn from their experiences.

Sustaining Excellence at Lean Tech

Ensuring the continuity of this certification demands a sustained and collective effort from both leadership and employees. Here’s how they go about it:

  • Prioritizing Employee Well-being: Lean Tech is ceaselessly dedicated to aligning its policies and practices with its core values and culture, ensuring that every collaborator can thrive personally and professionally.
  • Listening to Employee Feedback: They understand the invaluable nature of their team's input, remaining perpetually receptive to suggestions and making improvements based on this valuable feedback.

With gratitude for all those who contribute to the Lean Tech family and affirm it as the ultimate haven for tech enthusiasts dedicated to changing lives through technology, their commitment remains resolute in renewing the Best Place to Work Certification each year.


Maria Clara is a translator with an emphasis on the freight market. She has journalism, humanities, and digital marketing background. Maria Clara is passionate about content creation, photography, traveling, cultures, and learning fun facts.

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