Lean Solutions Group lands FreightWaves’ FreightTech 25 2023 list

Kathy Monroy
November 11, 2022

During one of the best freight conferences of the year, FreightWaves’ Future of Freight Festival, Lean Solutions Group landed, for the first time, on the fifth annual FreightTech 25 2023 list! A list that showcases top players creating innovative solutions for companies within the industry.

“We spend a lot of energy trying to build a program that really recognizes the innovation in the space. So, the FreightTech awards are something that we started five years ago to focus on recognizing the innovations and the innovators that are in the space” - Craig Fuller, FreightWaves’ Founder and CEO.

The companies in this list are selected by a group of CEOs from some of the largest companies in the space, industry leaders and investors. The voting system is regulated by an external firm, which generates a high level of transparency and fairness.

“Lean Solutions Group, a new member of the list, is focused on offshoring and really taking a lot of the burden off all of the transactions that exist in the space and putting it into a nearshoring operation in Colombia and really trying to mitigate a lot of the costs that goes into this industry.” - Craig Fuller, FreightWaves’ Founder and CEO.

At Lean Solutions Group, we are incredibly honored to be part of the FreightTech 25 2023 list alongside major industry leaders. We are hyper-focused on creating innovative solutions and technologies to superpower our clients’ operations by giving them access to top global talent and the tools they need to scale seamlessly.  


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