Lean Solutions Group Benefits: Let'z, a New English Learning App for Our Software Developers

Kathy Monroy
May 18, 2023

In the current globalized environment, speaking English is crucial for professional growth. In fact, A study conducted by Penn State indicated bilingual speakers have a more finely honed ability to screen for critical information and filter out irrelevancy, which is a necessary ability for software developers and tech talent.  

However, it's important to note that learning English for conversational purposes differs from mastering it in your field of work. This is especially challenging in the tech and software industry, as it requires a deep understanding of intricate technical jargon.  

At Lean Tech, a division of Lean Solutions Group, we understood the need for tailored English courses. We instantly started looking for alternatives that could help our talented developers further their professional development. That's why we partnered with LET'Z!  

"At Lean Solutions, we prioritize the development of our professionals' skills and growth while working with us. With Let'z, we can continue to pursue this priority by enabling tech and software professionals to improve their English-speaking abilities, enhance their communication skills, and ultimately improve our technology service offering for enhanced customer experiences." - Robert Cadena, CEO and Co-Founder of Lean Solutions Group

What is Let’z?

Let'z is an innovative and enjoyable English learning app designed for tech and software professionals. With Let'z, professionals can enhance their language skills, learn relevant vocabulary and concepts, and communicate effectively with colleagues and clients worldwide.  

Let'z employs artificial intelligence to provide exercises that improve grammar, vocabulary, listening, and reading comprehension. Personalized courses are generated to suit individual needs, ensuring that all students learn effectively.  

To keep students motivated and engaged, Let’z offers progress tracking, rewards, and incentives throughout their learning journey. Start your fantastic learning experience today with Let'z.

The Lean Tech + Let’z Partnership

We are incredibly excited about the Lean Tech + Let'z partnership as we are gaining access to a powerful tool to help our employees improve their language skills and, with this, provide an even better service for our clients. Additionally, this makes our developers’ lives, who are in nearshore or offshore software development roles, easier since it helps them speak the same language as their colleagues in the U.S.

Let'z is an entirely customizable application, allowing us to create tailored English training programs focused on our developer's improvement areas, including those concepts and vocabulary critical for each of their work areas and specific projects. We'll be able to create courses that align with our client's needs, ensuring we meet their expectations.  

“At Lean Solutions Group, we’re on a mission to empower every member of our organization with the tools they need to constantly grow and be better professionals. Our Partnership with Let’z is a step in that direction. Let’z break language barriers in the technology space using AI and gamification together!” - Alfonso Quijano, CTO Lean Solutions Group

Through this partnership, we are setting our teams and clients up for success, as ensuring English proficiency allows our teams to:

  • Overcome communication barriers.
  • Better communication between developers and tech professionals with clients.
  • Avoid misunderstandings.  
  • Increased productivity.
  • Meeting customer expectations.  
  • Increase professionalism.
  • Drive more significant conversations.  

We believe that this partnership will not only help our developers enhance their skills but also enable us to deliver exceptional services to our clients.

Want to start building your teams with developers proficient in technical English? Contact us to get started!


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