Interview: Robert Cadena, CEO of Lean Solutions Group told CanvasRebel his keys to success in business

Kathy Monroy
December 21, 2022

10 years within the industry allow us to provide valuable insights on how to build a successful organization. Who would be better to tell the story than Robert Cadena, CEO of Lean Solutions Group? Robert sat down with the CanvasRebel team to talk about his story, how Lean Solutions Group started, and what were the essential elements for the company’s success.  

In this conversation, Robert gives valuable insights into conceiving and growing a profitable business by understanding the gaps in the industry and how to fill them.  

Key Takeaways

Here are some of the essential takeaways from the interview:

Robert Cadena’s background

  • Robert moved from Colombia to the U.S. to attend Florida International University.
  • His career in the supply chain industry began as a forklift operator at a DB Schenker warehouse in Miami.
  • During this first job, he learned how to do clerical freight shipping computer work.
  • In 2001, he created his own brokerage business called Chain Express, which he ran for ten years until he sold it.

How Lean Solutions Group began

  • As Robert was successfully filling positions for his brokerage with professionals from his home country, Colombia, South America, he realized the huge potential for a booming business.  
  • His deep knowledge of the industry allowed him to understand companies’ gaps and opportunities, which gave LSG an advantage.
  • With this in mind, he founded Lean Solutions Group in 2012 in Cartagena, Colombia.
  • Lean Solutions Group was created to provide skilled, reliable talent and control costs for U.S.-based companies.  
  • The company quickly evolved as it transformed an outdated outsourcing model into a seamless nearshoring and offshoring experience.

LSG Success Factors

  • Robert’s deep knowledge of the industry allowed him to understand companies’ gaps and opportunities.  
  • Focusing on the client’s business plans (where they are now and where they want to be).  
  • Expanding the service offered to meet clients’ needs. Apart from transportation back-office support, LSG also offers tech, marketing, and sales support.  
  • Focusing on culture. LSG works hard to maintain its employees well-trained, happy, and motivated.
  • Resilience. Things were not always easy, but hard work and dedication led Robert and LSG to success.  

The Challenges

  • Lack of experience in running a satellite operation.  
  • Convincing clients Colombia was a safe destination.  

LSG Numbers

  • Growing workforce of over 8,000 employees.
  • Over 600 satisfied clients.
  • Eight satellite offices.
  • Presence in four strategic countries: Colombia, Guatemala, the Philippines, and Mexico.

Click here to read the entire interview here!  

At Lean Solutions Group, we are proud of our fantastic growth and everything we have accomplished, thanks to Robert, our incredible clients, and our talented employees. These ten years allowed us to tailor our service offerings to ensure we always meet our clients' needs and become a true staff augmentation ally.


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