Interactive Content: Engaging Audiences in New Ways

Susana Vargas
September 21, 2023

Content has been very powerful in the digital world over the last few years, and it is undeniable that having a good content strategy can boost your business and make your online presence much more attractive to your audiences.  

We have seen many content formats in different digital platforms, such as blogging, which is very appealing and effective, especially for website SEO. But new formats have recently become popular among marketers that you may need to become more familiar with.

What if we told you that your content can not only keep your users' attention but also increase their engagement and make them live a unique experience through your brand?  Join us to discover in the following article how you can apply Interactive Content to your strategy and why it is essential for your digital planning.

Introduction to Interactive Content

Content that doesn't require user interaction, where users simply see, hear, or read the information presented, is referred to as Static Content. On the other hand, when users need to take action to engage with the content and achieve a specific result, it's known as Interactive Content.

What is Interactive Content?

Rock Content defines Interactive content as any type of material that conveys its message by encouraging user participation. Because of it, the content experience evolves from passive consumption to active engagement.

While it may seem that this type of Content is challenging to produce and less used compared to Static Content, 81% of marketers believe Interactive Content is much more effective in grabbing audience's attention, according to MarketSplash.

Interactive Content encourages the user to participate in different ways and, in that path, engage with the presented experience. This format provides brands with a competitive advantage by combining information and entertainment.

Why Is Interactive Content Effective?

In short terms, Interactive Content provides readers with a reason to remember you. Writer and entrepreneur Aza Raskin estimates that the infinite scrolling we are prone to wastes over 200,000 human lifetimes daily, meaning that nowadays users are looking for experiences, not only transactions.

At Lean Marketing, our expertise has allowed us to bring you these compelling reasons why people prefer interactive content.  

We understand the changing landscape of content consumption and the increasing demand for engaging and interactive experiences. Here are five key factors that highlight the appeal of interactive content:

  • Engagement: Interactive content actively involves the audience, making it more engaging and enjoyable compared to passive content.  
  • Personalization: Interactive content often allows users to tailor their experience based on their preferences or needs. This personalization creates a sense of relevance.
  • Memorability: Interactive content tends to be more memorable because it requires active participation and cognitive engagement. Users are more likely to remember information when they have interacted with it directly.
  • Feedback and Learning: Interactive content provides opportunities for users to receive immediate feedback or learn through trial and error. This interactive learning approach can be more effective in conveying complex concepts or teaching new skills.
  • Entertainment: Interactive content often has a gamified or entertaining element, making it enjoyable and fun. People are naturally drawn to content that offers entertainment value while delivering valuable information or experiences.

Types of Interactive Content

When we say Interactive Content, the most common thing to think of is complex video games. However, you will be surprised to discover that many formats are easy to create without the need to be an audiovisual expert.  

Engage your audience with the following fun formats:

  • Captivating Quizzes

Quizzes have become popular and have become an interactive tool for several marketers. A good example is Buzzfeed, which became a favorite among millennial users in the last decade, using trends from the pop world, such as series, movies, and singers, to drive its users to take personality tests and find their similarities with characters, songs, and movies and much more.  

They can be used to educate and entertain the audience and capture insights into the subject matter.

  • Creative Calculators

A calculator is an excellent way to present a solution to your users through the benefits of your product by allowing them to choose their needs and personalize the consumer experience.

Another great benefit is that you can boost lead generation because Customers are more likely to give their personal data if it is in exchange for something they value.  

  • Intuitive Polls

Polls are a perfect strategy to start a conversation with your consumer. Also, it gives you good insights to benefit customer service and your product. By designing a good poll, you can learn much about your audience and what they expect of your brand. Most social channels allow you to create a good poll very easily.  

  • Eye-Catching Landing Pages

Landing pages are perfect for lead generation, and you can use them as a sub-page of your website, unique for a particular campaign, or to promote any service. Also, you can use forms to get information and start a conversation with your target.  

  • Interactive Infographics

Interactive Infographics are an excellent option to educate your audience and be creative. Also, it will increase your brand awareness by being replicated by other pages and users. One good example is Pictoline, an illustration company that shares and maintains information through various visual formats, including gif and infographics.  

Transform your Content Strategy with Lean Marketing

At Lean Marketing we have the tools and talent to help you create interactive content, without limits.  From landing pages to animation, storytelling and more, our marketing efforts are what you need to transform your content into unforgettable experiences. Contact us today and get to know our portfolio of services. Ready to start?


Susana is a content creator with a passion for research. She has journalism and digital marketing as her professional background. Susana loves music, concerts, movies, and traveling. As a hobby, she collects vinyl records of all genres of music.

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