How to Master Workforce Optimization?

Kathy Monroy
February 23, 2023

In an era filled with inflation, supply chain disruptions, delays, tight markets, and unmet customer expectations, businesses are challenged with the need to deliver more. More visibility, more efficiency, more resiliency, and ultimately more growth. Focusing on the three pillars of workforce optimization (WFO) will help businesses do just that.

By strategically aligning people, processes, and technology, you’ll maximize customer experiences and efficiency while minimizing operational costs. Therefore, ensuring your customers obtain what they’re looking for...more.

The Strategic Alignment of People, Processes, and Technology

Workforce Optimization is as simple as it sounds. It’s doing more with less. Optimizing the parts of your business and teams where it counts enables you to deliver unmatched services for your clients.  

Let’s talk about alignment first. Why is it so important to align these three pillars (people, processes, and technology) to implement WFO successfully?

Without the right technology, your processes will not scale; without the right processes, your people can’t deliver, and without the right people, you won’t be able to get the most out of your processes and technology.  

How to Master Workforce Optimization in your Business?

Now, how to ensure successful WFO implementation?  

Constant and Clear Communication

The key to success in any process is communication. Creating spaces with clients and employees to communicate helps you understand precisely what your client is looking for, what your team should focus on, and the tools they need to deliver high-quality services.  

Opening time for feedback is vital. You are experts in what you do, but what if your client wants something else? The only way to know about it is by constantly communicating with them and making yourself available to tailor their services to their changing needs.  

In fact, according to the State of the Connected Customer report, 89% of customers state that they are more likely to return to a business that provides positive customer experiences.

Efficient Processes

As mentioned, you are experts in what you do. Therefore, you have processes in place to deliver your service offering. Now, the question you must answer is, are they efficient? Have you gone through those processes to eliminate waste and ensure they are as streamlined as possible?  

At Lean Solutions Group, we understand the importance of efficient processes, as they allow our team to be more productive, maintain quality across 4 countries and deliver timely service for our clients. As experts in workforce optimization, we have established a process that considers all critical touch points to provide excellent customer experiences.  

From our first connection with our clients, discovery, and orientation calls to candidate vetting, training, and operations handoff, we have everything mapped out and standardized, allowing us to build mission-critical teams in 3-5 weeks.

Creating a Relationship Based on Trust and Dependability

Trust is essential when building solid relationships with clients, especially when you must co-manage their operations. One of the pillars of trust is showcasing that you know exactly what you’re doing and have the right people, processes, and technology to supercharge their teams and deliver on your promises.

Engage in Workforce Analytics and Software Implementation

Workforce Analytics is not just about tracking your employee's performance; it's all about what you do with that data to add value to your business. What gets measured gets improved, so it’s crucial to measure the right KPIs for your unique teams. By implementing the right tools, you'll be able to visualize that data better and find the gaps in processes or technology impacting productivity. This data will help you create action plans targeted to those problem areas, improving your employee and client experience.  

At Lean Solutions Group, we've established a Workforce Analytics department that oversees KPI auditing, red flag reports, and forecasting through Power BI tools that integrate easily with our client's systems.  

Provide the Key Information to fulfill your Requirements Faster

Sharing all the information with the company that will help you optimize your workforce is vital since it’ll make processes more efficient and help them deliver exactly what you need.  

For instance, if you require a specific position for your company, providing clear job descriptions and expectations will ensure that the perfect candidate is found faster and experiences success quickly. Suppose you want the employee to have specific knowledge of an area of your business. Any training documentation or information you may have will be crucial in developing training sessions that include that knowledge.

Quality Assurance

This is another area that will generate value for your clients. It’s not just about building a team; it’s also about monitoring that team, watching their performance, and finding those operational gaps that require improvement. A Quality Excellence team develops KPIs and ensures the client’s metrics and expectations are met. Clients value quality; therefore, a department focused on ensuring that teams perform correctly is critical.

Focus on Scaling What Works

As you start optimizing your workforce, you'll begin to see instant results in productivity and overall company success. Partnering with experts in WFO means you'll be able to place those hard-to-fill positions promptly, but you also have the availability you need for other roles or more specific positions.  

With over 10 years of experience in staff augmentation, at LSG, we deliver our client's initial requirements and provide additional services, allowing our clients to generate even better results. Services like cross-branch operations, enabling them to grow their teams in our cities across Colombia, Guatemala, and Mexico, or around-the-clock support with our offices in The Philippines.  

Our clients scale effortlessly thanks to our standardized and efficient processes and our wide range of services that span from logistics back-office to marketing, software development, BPO, and sales.

Visit your Team

We all know that engaged employees are more productive. A perfect way to make them feel valued and as an essential part of your team is by visiting them. Regularly visiting your nearshore or offshore team allows you to engage with them, create better relationships, and even have training sessions for more specific company knowledge.  

Spending time with your teams in beautiful countries like Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico, or the Philippines will help you get to know them, how they’re working, and their accommodations, and you’ll be able to provide input into what they need to be more comfortable and productive.  


Mastering Workforce Optimization takes commitment and trust. It requires you to trust your team, communicate clearly to ensure expectations are met, provide information to fulfill your requirements, and consider insights from key areas like workforce analytics and quality assurance to improve your operations continuously. With the right people, processes, and technology, you’ll be able to maximize customer experiences and minimize costs.  


Kathy Monroy is an experienced Communications Specialist and Journalist. Driven to go above and beyond, Kathy produces high-quality content specializing in transportation and logistics, marketing, sales, and technology. Her goals include becoming an expert and an authority in her line of work, always providing her audience with the most relevant and useful information.

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