Get to know Lean Tech’s Social Impact Department

Kathy Monroy
August 25, 2022

At Lean Tech, we work hard to change lives through technology. In 2021, our growth percentage was 119%, clearly showing our dedication to providing top-level services through highly skilled individuals. Thanks to the people who have been part of this journey, we are now able to create a department that's fully committed to benefiting Colombian children and teenagers experiencing tough financial and educational challenges: our Social Impact Department.  

Why did we create a Social Impact Department?

Being aware of the Country we live in, we acknowledge Colombians are incredibly resilient and motivated individuals who deserve to be given the opportunity to excel and arise from the difficult situations some of them face.

Today as we understand the power of technology and the people behind it, we know how big of an impact we can make through our social impact department in the lives of those who need it most.

Our Mission

Our mission: transform the lives of children and teenagers who lack education and live in a state of poverty in Colombia. Through technology, we strive to change their lives and promote their abilities in the technology sector to use their potential in their future work environment, thus generating a positive social impact.  

Our objectives

  • Impact these children’s lives positively
  • Improve their quality of life  
  • Provide education options through technology
  • Develop these children’s technological abilities
  • Decrease unemployment in Colombia
  • Create consciousness on environmental issues  

With our Social Impact Department, we’ll work hard to help the over 45% of the Colombian population currently living in poverty.

Our activities

  • “Tapitas” for life

This initiative was created to help cancer patients that did not have the resources to cover their treatment. Our Lean Tech warriors collected bottle caps (“tapitas” in Spanish) and placed them in bins later taken to the Medicancer facilities.  

  • Children’s Day Celebration at “Dame la Mano” Foundation

Our team of warriors celebrated children's day with kids in the “Dame la Mano” foundation, where they had fun, played games, ate some delicious snacks and stepped out of their daily routine.

  • Mother’s Day Celebration at “Casa Esther” Foundation

Our warriors celebrated Mother’s Day with incredible women at the “Casa Esther” foundation where they had various fun activities, encouraging these amazing women to continue being the best mothers.

  • Cycling session at Medicancer

This is an annual event which we decided to be part of with a group of our worries who pedaled for cancer. Many companies join the cycling session and provide financial support for the Medicancer Foundation.  

Our Volunteer Program

We are sure there are many people across our company and Colombia that would like to contribute to the well-being and development of children. Therefore, we have created a volunteer program where anyone can join and make an impact.  

  • We have a monthly schedule of on-site and virtual activities.  
  • You can donate anything: food, hygiene supplies, clothes, and others.  
  • You may also share your knowledge if you have specific abilities that can benefit these children.  

Are you interested in making an impact?

Contact our team

By providing children with the right tools, we’ll encourage them to develop their abilities and have higher chances of accessing work opportunities that will improve their quality of life.


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