Corporate Training: The key to a successful company

Juan Pablo Samper
May 13, 2021

Becoming a successful company is always at the forefront of any business strategy. And even though there are many tactics to consider to obtain this goal, one of the most efficient,  is high-quality services. But how can you increase your quality levels? An essential  key component  is training and proper industry knowledge.  

Corporate Training goes beyond being a requirement for a company; it is an essential part of the entire operation. Offering employees the opportunity to acquire knowledge and prepare themselves is key to increasing success and growth.  

Employees make the company what it is; they are the power behind what we do. By guaranteeing their preparation (not only in knowledge but in skills), you can take your employees to their full potential and fulfill customers' needs.  

Creating robust training programs that consider each of the company's services and client standards is necessary for employees to adapt quicker, take on challenges, and overcome difficult situations.  

These are four  pillars training programs should be based on:  

   1. Training as an everchanging player.   

Have you ever been in a session that you would deem as "boring"? You are not the only one! A training program must be in constant change and present, not just at the beginning of their journey but throughout the staffers' development in the organization. Hence, training programs must be engaging, dynamic, and aligned with the company's vision. A robust training program will allow the organization to get to where it wants to be.    

   2. Training process as a gamechanger.  

Effective corporate training needs to elevate your employees to a new level. Considering that employees might be in different starting points, the training program must ensure alignment at the end of the process by providing different ways to learn and adapt. Additionally, developing training programs that can suit customers' needs, regardless of the industry they belong to, is always a must.  

   3. Training process as a trendsetter.

There must be a defined process on how things are developed and the correct way to do them. Having a straightforward process will ensure  high-quality and meeting  established goals. This ensures prepared and knowledgeable professionals with the ability to adapt easily to new procedures or tasks for our customers.  

   4. Corporate Training and learning as part of the organizational culture.

Training must be intrinsic in every step of the employee's journey, from the moment they join the team, through the onboarding process, until they are in the position. Employees must have the opportunity to obtain specialized corporate training programs that lead them to perform better on any given task at any point of their professional development within the company, turning learning into a natural part of the company's culture.  


Being able to teach and promote the importance of knowledge is one of the critical factors of success. Understanding that providing, ensuring, and developing skills makes the difference towards the organization's future is essential since it allows companies to continuously provide qualified personnel to take on the challenges any industry faces.  


Lean Solutions Group is a pioneer nearshore service provider to home-based companies in the US for a wide range of industries from logistics and transportation to healthcare, finance, manufacturing, and insurance. We have ranked as one of the top 500 organizations with the fastest growth for two years in a row in INC500 Magazine.  

We have experienced tremendous growth during the past few years, now having more than 2,600 dedicated professionals committed to helping our customers with high-quality services, reducing costs, and increasing overall productivity. This couldn't have been possible without proper corporate training and applying these four training pillars throughout our organizations.  


Leverage our industry expertise and robust training program for your business to thrive with our qualified professionals.  


Contact us, and let's get started!  


Juan Pablo Samper is one of the trainers at Lean Solutions Group with experience in applied logistics for over 2 years. He is an International Business and Finance professional who enjoys teaching and understands the importance of providing proper preparation for the teams he leads. Juan started his career as a Truckload tracker and appointment setting assistant for a trucking company out of MN. Mr. Samper has always shown interest in continuous personal and professional improvement, believing that success is deeply entangled with intelligent thinking, commitment, and responsibility. Mr. Samper’s vision targets creating a company legacy of growth and career development for others as he continues to do for himself.

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