4 Business Benefits of AI-powered training programs

Kathy Monroy
October 13, 2022

Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the fastest-growing data-driven technologies transforming many areas within all types of businesses. In fact, according to a NewVantage report, 9 out of 10 businesses have ongoing investments in artificial intelligence.  

One business area that has seen complete process optimization is employee training and development. AI is crucial in any organization’s hiring, onboarding, and professional development process. According to a Gartner report, 20% of business content (including training content) will be written by AI by 2025.  

Why are so many companies implementing AI within their training process? Simply put, it generates significant efficiencies and reduces overall onboarding times, allowing employees to start their work tasks sooner than expected.

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Let’s review why AI has been incredibly successful within company training programs.

1. Increased Return On Investment (ROI)

Companies are always searching for alternatives that generate returns fast. With AI-powered training platforms, you’ll develop efficiency within the entire process since these sessions are tailored to each employee’s needs. They will not have to go through additional courses that do not benefit their learning experience.  

Without these additional courses, they stay aligned with their designated program and spend less time in training. As they complete their course faster, they can start working and applying their specific knowledge, allowing them to be more productive and achieve company objectives quickly.  

2. Enhances the training process

In general terms, AI can enhance an employee’s training process since they receive immediate and specific feedback on their areas of improvement. This allows them to pinpoint those areas and improve on them quicker.  

For instance, speech recognition programs allow employees to hear back their recordings and actually see their mistakes. They get feedback on essential elements of their exercise like keywords they used, their pace, and even more specific aspects like the sentiment.  

3. Effective training programs based on data

One of the best parts about AI-powered platforms is data recollection. With all the data collected from each employee interaction, companies can create better learning programs that answer the employee’s needs. Analyzing all the data will help companies optimize their curriculums by considering the learner’s journey through the platform.  

The way content is delivered during the course directly impacts knowledge retention. Therefore, seeing how employees interact with the platform will provide actionable insights.  

4. Personalized content

As mentioned, data is essential. Apart from modifying curriculums, companies can personalize types of training material considering each employee's preferences. Everyone learns differently; some like written content, others like video content or audio-guided presentations. Through data, companies can select a specific learning style for each employee to ensure quicker proficiency.  

Once the employee has started their training program and begins to show their weaker areas, their following learning material can focus on improving that area instead of moving forward with new concepts.  

Simulated training at LSG

At Lean Solutions Group, we understand the importance of innovation and how it must permeate every area of our business. That’s why we’ve partnered with Symtrain, an employee micro-training technology company. This partnership will allow us to provide our clients with immersive and simulated training programs for their employees, reducing onboarding times and ensuring complete proficiency.

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