Our Management Team

Daniel Agamez

Senior VP of Operations

Daniel Agamez is a business administrator with over 5 years of professional experience in the transportation and logistics industry. Leading teams of over 1,000 employees, he has come to understand the importance of high-quality services. He aims to define, and most importantly, create an all-time high service standard for internal and external clients. Establishing a more integral organization, focused on its human resource, is one of his main drivers. In his eyes, grasping and embracing the significance of a well-built team is crucial, from a holistic point of view, is the key to major success. 

Luis Encinales

Director of Operations at Lean Tech

Luis Encinales is the Head of Lean Tech's Operation Department. He is an Electronic Engineer passionate about technology, software development, product management, and innovation.  He has more than 6 years of experience working in the tech and software development industry and over 3 years working at Lean Solutions Group. He started his career as a junior mobile developer in Italy after receiving his master's degree in Automation Engineering from the Politecnico di Milano University. Afterward, grew in the software development industry, going through most of its roles, such as backend lead, tech lead, and project manager, acquiring knowledge and experience from a technical side and a managerial standpoint.

He received honors as the best student in his class for his bachelor's degree in Electronic Engineering from the Universidad del Norte which he studied with a full scholarship. Mr. Encinales was also selected for another scholarship program for his master's degree in Italy.

Jorge Vizcaino

Director of Freight Forwarding

Jorge Vizcaino is the Head of our Freight Forwarding Division. He counts with 8+ years of logistics and transportation experience. Before joining Lean Staffing, Mr. Vizcaino worked for different industries including international logistics, foreign trade, and supply chain in operational and managerial positions for a multinational ocean transportation carrier. Afterward, he moved to a Canadian raw materials international broker where he occupied different positions in customer service, exports, imports, and compliance area, acquiring relevant knowledge of the international markets and the logistics industry.  

Mr. Vizcaino received his bachelor’s degree in International Business Management and an undergraduate diploma in international trade, supply, and distribution from Libre University, in Barranquilla.

Dany J. Garcia Moreno


Dany Garcia Moreno currently appointed as Chief Operating Officer at Lean Solutions Group started his professional development in his early 20’s. Mr. Moreno first gained expertise in the product auditing field for both NESTLE U.S.A & Conagra for the Manufacturing Improvement Division. His involvement in process management and standard operation audits, paved the way to his now extensive and ongoing experience in the logistics and management field.  

Initially in the 2012, Mr. Moreno’s experience had Brokerage and Carrier sales as focus, however it expanded later into a broader logistics such the Asset based industry, drayage, bonded shipments and more. As the Senior Broker for an asset-based US Trucking company, He molded the way up to the head of operations running multiple divisions and departments in Lean Staffing Solutions, currently known as Lean Solutions Group.  

Mr. Moreno’s management agenda includes the company wide certification of ISO 9001 by an international entity, the Yellow belt certification for all company managers and the implementation of auto sustainable processes and projects such the seniority and experience color ranking. The latest contribution includes the standardization of the sales and client onboarding.

Cindy Mercado

Branch Manager – Barranquilla Office

Cindy Mercado is the Branch Manager for our Barranquilla office. Ms. Mercado graduated in 2011 as a Professional in Finances and International Relations from Corporación Universidad De La Costa (CUC). Ms. Mercado worked for 5 years as a Customer Service Representative for two U.S.-based services companies in Barranquilla. In July 2013, her experience allowed her to land the LTL Operation Assistant position in Cartagena. Ms. Mercado started working in Lean Solution's Group CEO’s LTL branch, which was part of an asset-based US Trucking company, one of LSG first clients and as part of Dany Garcia Moreno’s team, current LSG COO.  

During this time, Ms. Mercado had the opportunity to work in different areas such as, but not limited to, drayage, brokerage, carrier sales, LTL, and FTL on the domestic side.  This allowed her to build a career path within this account, transitioning from an LTL Operations Assistant to a Supervisor in 2015 in Cartagena. Then in 2017, Mercado returned to Barranquilla as an Account Manager for that same account and by late 2020, become the Branch Manager for not only the biggest LSG branch but also their headquarters.

Esteban De la Ossa

Branch Manager – Bucaramanga Office

Esteban De La Ossa has been working for Lean Staffing Solutions, Inc since 2016 and has rapidly progressed personally and professionally being able to adapt to different positions and responsibilities within LSS.  Before LSS, Esteban worked for 2 years as an International Delivery coordinator for an export centered Colombian manufacturer. Esteban is expecting graduation from his master's in business administration from Universidad del Rosario at Bogota, as well as an international leadership degree from the EADA Business School from Barcelona. He also holds an International Logistics and transportation postgrad title and his International Business administration degree, both from Universidad del Norte, Barranquilla.