The Lean Tech Story

Changing lives through technology

How everything started

Fifteen developers leaving everything behind and moving to Medellin, the tech hub of Colombia, to change lives through technology...that’s how the Lean Tech story began.  


Our Beginning

Starting off 

We started as part of the IT team of our parent company,Lean Solutions Group. As our clients began considering technology as a driving force for their business, the demand for dedicated IT and software development teams increased. Here’s where Lean Tech was born.

We moved to Medellin, Colombia, and opened new offices for our growing pool of highly skilled developers. As our client base expanded, so did our service offering, allowing us to provide Managed Teams for clients who needed thatextra nudge and Dedicated Teams for more in-depth software development projects.

New Workspaces 

Moving to Medellín, the technological hub of Colombia, made sense. New workspaces in the most perfect city led Lean Tech towards its growth path. Our client-base started growing and as did our services. Providing Business Managed Projects for those who needed a little nudge on their processes, to Dedicated Teams for more in-depth projects. 

At Lean Tech, we want to be a true technological partner, guiding you through the ever-growing and intrinsic world of software development and business optimization while making data-driven decisions for optimal results. Say goodbye to difficulties in project management, longer lead times, complex transportation logistics, and overall costs and hello to a streamlined and easy-going operation.  

Lean Tech's Timeline


We started providing IT services for the Lean Staffing Solutions client base. 


Lean Staffing Solutions positions itself as a nearshoring solution for logistics providing targeted technology solutions to customers. 


Our journey begins, StarkCore Technologies is founded alongside its R&D departments for blockchain, machine learning and BI providing development services for US-based companies.  


StarkCore Technologies is rebranded as LeanTech. We moved our offices to Medellín, Colombia, and onboarded 2 big clients,as we reached our 50-employee mark.


February – Moved to brand new offices with better spaces for our Lean Tech Family. 
March – Due to Covid-19, our entire staff started working from home while still providing the best uninterrupted services to our clients. 


April – We reached the 100-employee mark. 
May – We participated in the Freight Waves event demoing our app: Efficiency. Winning best in show of the day during the event! 
August – Expanded our office space to accommodate our growing family, from 10,000 square ft. to 30,000 square ft.   
September – Our growth projection for the ongoing year is 250 Lean Tech employees! 


We provide an exceptional Nearshoring experience and act as an enabler for companies who want to fuel their development projects and establish their Software Development team. 


By 2025, we want to consolidate ourselves as the main training ground for young talent across Latin America, while providing a surge of increasingly better development resources for companies all over the world. 

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