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Lead Generation & Appointment Scheduling

Having a fantastic sales team means nothing without the Business Development Resources (BDRs) to feed the wolves in your organization. Through Lean Sales’ nearshore staffing, your sales team will have the lead generation and appointment scheduling required to grow your revenue.

Let us do the cold calling to warm up qualified sales leads, giving your sales team more time to sell!

How We Do It

Based on the size of your sales team and the sales cycle of your product, we provide expert recommendations for the appropriate number of BDRs to support your team.

We recruit the most qualified, highly educated, truly bilingual, candidates within Colombia, setting up interviews for you to select the best personnel for your organization.

We put your BDRs through our Sales Training Program to prepare them to “close the deal” in scheduling appointments for your team.

Finally, we present your employees to your management team to begin making calls and scheduling appointments.

Lead Generation


Nearshoring your Business Development team in Colombia provides great benefits to your organization like significant cost-savings to your budget. We provide hard-working, bilingual employees who live within similar time zones (ET & CT), and that have experienced the American culture in the States.

These factors contribute to the incredible success other companies have experienced, success you will experience as well.

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