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Our Approach

Time is essential in sales. Our Sales Strategy pitches your product or service to the right prospect and closing the deal, well-- that takes effort. At Lean Sales, we provide you with incredible talent to find qualified leads and schedule sales appointments, all while providing you with our subject matter expertise to make critical, revenue-driven sales decisions.

Initial Assessment

We want to know and understand you, your business, and your current sales processes! During our needs assessment call, we look at your recent sales numbers, evaluate your strategies, review your technology, determine your goals, and discuss your budget.

Plan Proposal

Next, we tailor a strategy built around your specific needs, resources, and technology. All our team members thrive on accomplishing the goals we set together to boost your company’s sales performance.

Implementation Process

Blast off! The implementation process begins with a kick-off call, followed by interviews for you to select your team of bilingual professionals, and we start the initial training sessions built around your desired outcomes.

Quality Assurance

Making sure our services are delivered at the highest quality possible is of utmost importance for us. Our Quality Assurance team creates metrics and KPI’s to ensure processes are complete and expectations met.

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Share your experience with your business partners, continue growing with us, expand your reach, and increase your revenue without limits!

Top 3 benefits of working with Lean Sales:

Strong return on investment and low operational costs!

Access to bilingual, experienced sales professionals.

Excellent sales training and on-going support during the entire process.

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